Kubernetes Training

Introductory and advanced training courses focused on Kubernetes. Training can be tailored to suit all aspects of Kubernetes and containerisation.

Each course is delivered by an expert Kubernetes engineer with real-world experience of deploying production level Kubernetes clusters.


  • Understand Linux containers, their benefits and shortcomings.
  • Introducing Kubernetes - scheduling and orchestration.
  • How to run a miniature cluster on your own machine.
  • Deploy a microservice application scheduled across your cluster.
  • Conducting basic cluster administration.


  • Understand the latest release of Kubernetes inside-out.
  • Know how to make your cluster highly available.
  • Deploy a blank Kubernetes cluster on empty VMs.
  • Create your own microservice templates from scratch.
  • Scale and update your services with zero downtime.


£500 to £1,350 a person

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Planning service
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For circumstances where our standard training courses aren't suitable, we are able to tailor our training to suit the needs of our clients. This would involve an initial discussion around the requirements and then mapping out a tailored syllabus by one of our engineers.
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Training service provided
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We offer an introductory course and an advanced course. Tailored training can be facilitated upon request.

1 Day Course: Introduction to Kubernetes

Introduction to Kubernetes will provide you with an understanding of Linux containers, their benefits and shortcomings, and how Kubernetes can resolve these issues through scheduling and orchestration.

This course takes you through a brief history of containers and scheduling systems, followed by a practical section where you will run a miniature cluster on your own machine. You will learn key Kubernetes concepts, how to deploy a microservice application and have it scheduled across your cluster, and how to conduct basic cluster administration.

3 Day Course: Advanced Kubernetes

Kubernetes Advanced Course will dive right into constructing your own microservices as Kubernetes objects; we recommend attendees already have a basic understanding of using Kubernetes, preferably having completed our introduction course.

The course continues with current best practices for using a Kubernetes cluster in production, and how to use supporting cluster services effectively.
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  • Kubernetes
  • Containers

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The training courses are focused on Kubernetes, however we are able to accommodate on a wider range of Cloud Native technologies. We are happy to discuss this beforehand.

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An Account Manager will liaise for the logistics, dates and requirements.


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Not a reseller

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Conforms to BS7858:2012
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Up to Security Clearance (SC)


£500 to £1,350 a person
Discount for educational organisations

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