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Cloud communications and culture audit

Our Cloud communications and culture audit service analyses all aspects of your organisation’s culture and communications to support the transition to your chosen Cloud, agile, or SAFe service(s). We have over two decades of experience working in safety critical operations including commercial aviation and counter terrorism.


  • Communications review and analysis using methods from anthropology and ethnography
  • Focus on safety critical communication and miscommunication
  • Focus on critical front line operations migrating to Cloud services
  • Operations and target operating models assessed
  • Anthropologists observe and interact to understand your organisation's interactional culture
  • Organisational and team cultures are identified and characterised
  • Advice on communications and organisational practices are provided
  • Consistency of tone, message and interaction on Cloud services assured
  • Human factors assessment
  • Objective, practical analysis grounded in anthropology, linguistics, and ethnography


  • Transition to Cloud, agile or SAFe service implementation smoothed
  • Clashes between values and/or assumptions are identified
  • Communications blockers to Cloud, agile or SAFe services implementation identified
  • Assurance of Cloud, agile or SAFe mediated safety critical communications
  • Cultural clashes between teams (e.g. IT, digital, policy, commercial) identified
  • Value of Cloud, agile or SAFe maximised through consistent messaging
  • Communications blockers to Cloud, agile or SAFe implementation identified


£350 to £2,500 a person a day

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You Say Tomato Ren Reynolds
Telephone: 02032862488


Planning service
How the planning service works
Our unique Cloud communications and culture audit service supports the planning of Cloud, agile and SAFe projects by supporting the communications elements of change management, project management and programme management. Our communications and culture audit service can diagnose communications issues within and between teams, and between teams and stakeholder groups. We can also help all stages of Cloud projects that are in support of a project following GDS Service Standard or DDaT Functional Standard principles, e.g. agile and lean, and includes inception, pre-discovery, discovery, alpha, beta and live phases (and their assessments). This important and unique service is of particular benefit where both agile and Cloud are a new to an organisation or a team within the organisation, or where the organisation operates to a strict hierarchy (e.g., many safety-critical organisations). The service can also support the planning of external communications around a Cloud, agile or SAFe implementation and the communications and functions for which Cloud services such as SaaS are intended to be used. The service can also support the planning of human factors considerations.
Planning service works with specific services


Training service provided
How the training service works
We work with you to provide mentoring, coaching, and knowledge and skills transfer to senior management, individual teams, and wider stakeholders (where appropriate). Training can be provided in the use of Cloud, agile, SAFe and/or social media SaaS tools. Training typically includes: - Acquire a basic user knowledge of the service - Acquire confidence in using the service to project professional and company identity - Understand the basic online grammar of the service - Know the basic rules of online writing - Develop an authentic online identity - Understand how to spot and respond (or not) to trolls
Training is tied to specific services

Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available
How the setup or migration service works
Our unique Cloud communications and culture audit service helps an organisation transition to and maximise the use of Cloud, agile or SAFe by identifying the often unspoken communications and cultural issues that hamper the transition to many Cloud, agile, SAFe and user-centred services. The service employs proven tools and techniques from anthropology, organisational ethnography, and socio-linguistics to deliver a rigorous analysis of an organisation’s communication (both written and oral) and culture styles. This unique service is invaluable in programme, project and change management or where two or more groups (including stakeholder groups) need to work together to deliver and maximise the benefits of Cloud, agile or SAFe. Our service also facilitates the inclusion of human factors analysis into the Cloud, agile or SAFe transition. In addition to internal communications this service can ensure that there is consistency of message and tone in your Cloud, agile or SAFe service content. Typically, the service will provide audits, reports and recommendations related to culture and communications, and work with you to iterate and improve.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service

Security testing

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Ongoing support

Ongoing support service

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£350 to £2,500 a person a day
Discount for educational organisations

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