Risk Management Training (Management of Risk (M_o_R®) )

The Management of Risk (MoR®) course is designed to give all levels of managers a framework for risk management. It covers all aspects from designing policy and strategy to dealing with opportunities and threats in a business as usual environment.


  • Training provider is an experienced and certified practitioner
  • APMG accredited and nationally recognised course and certification
  • Training is delivered in a passionate, relatable, and practical way
  • Trainers have over 40 years’ experience delivering courses
  • Introduces a broad understanding of risk management tools and techniques
  • This is a 3 day course
  • Covers risk management perspectives – strategic, programmes, project, operational
  • Teaches ‘soft skills’ such as teamwork and communication
  • Brings everyone to a competent level of understanding and application


  • Become familiar with the language and terminology of risk management
  • Gain a qualification that is recognised nationally and internationally
  • Allows for quick adaptation to the demands of risk management
  • Individuals will improve knowledge to support/deliver successful cloud projects
  • Gain valuable ‘soft skills’ required to manage risks
  • Gain confidence in approaching risk management
  • Learn procedures to drive a culture of responsible risk taking
  • Raises management awareness of how risk management works
  • Improve individual’s professional proficiency


£732 to £1399 per person

  • Education pricing available

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How the training service works
The Management of Risk (MoR®) course is accredited by APMG and is delivered by an experienced professional. The content covered in the course will equip individuals and/or organisations with the tools and techniques that enable them to more effectively deliver business objectives, improve service delivery, and achieve value for money using the tools and techniques covered in the course.

The course will ensure all levels of management have the same understanding of risk management to apply in the business. The course is a mixture of written text, lectures and practical tutorials to suit all learning styles.

The course is designed to increase the awareness of risk for an individual/organisation, equip them with the tools and techniques to manage them, and increase delivery capabilities within an evolving project environment.

Applying these tools and techniques in a cloud hosting or software environment has the potential to dramatically increase the effectiveness of the cloud service whilst strengthening the services’ ability to manage risk.
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Maximum class size of 16 for optimum levels of student/teacher interaction, and to ensure all content is covered in a way that caters to all types of individuals.

UK wide coverage, subject to the availability of our trusted and accredited training professionals.

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9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
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In addition to the Account Manager, we endeavour to provide you with an additional layer of Account Support in the form of a secondary point of contact for each engagement. In this way, we mitigate the likelihood of having a single point of failure, and have mechanisms in place to maintain continuity of service.
Support will be provided remotely via email and phone for the most part, with the flexibility to arrange meetings on site or at our offices when needed. On site support can be offered during the working week where requests are made prior to proposals being submitted / individual call-off contracts agreed.
Your Account Management and Support resources are typically integrated into the delivery team and so costs are included within the proposal for each engagement.


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Bristol Management Centre

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Conforms to BS7858:2012
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Up to Developed Vetting (DV)


£732 to £1399 per person
Discount for educational organisations

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