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Build, Run & Operate

Build, run and operate resilient, feature-rich security-accredited digital services on cloud-based infrastructure. Rapid development, continuous improvement and responsiveness to change based on user feedback and evolving business needs, eg for Coronavirus (Covid-19) solutions. User-centred design with robust testing, metrics and monitoring to serve the needs of users and meet KPIs


  • End-to- end Cloud based service compliant with GDS standards
  • Production-ready test driven code that meets performance requirements
  • Continuous delivery with automated testing and deployment to the Cloud
  • Ongoing user testing, including AB testing, for actionable feedback
  • Monitoring of Live service in Cloud-based production environment
  • Run and Operate services supported by fully automated test coverage
  • Automated deployment pipeline across development, test and production environments
  • Achieve security accreditation and ensure business readiness
  • Responsive to changing requirements based on user and business need
  • Multi-disciplinary team collaborates closely with stakeholders including policy


  • Robust, production-ready software that meets acceptance criteria
  • Strong processes and experience with remote working
  • Mechanisms to respond to quantitative and qualitative feedback and metrics
  • Feedback and analytics from real users to inform development
  • Short feedback loops enabling rapid changes to the service development
  • Assured guidance through Digital by Default service standard assessments
  • Continuously improved service, fully integrated and ready to go live
  • Impact of changes in development measured against key performance indicators
  • Can include "Chaos Days" to help improve resilience of service
  • Fit-for-purpose digital service that meets user end needs


£250 to £1500 per person per day

  • Education pricing available

Service documents


G-Cloud 11

Service ID

4 1 6 4 5 1 2 5 8 8 2 4 6 5 9


Equal Experts UK Limited

Louis Abel

+44 7968 157766



Planning service
How the planning service works
To build detailed knowledge of the context, domain and lessons learned from set up and migration to live cloud-based services, an element of knowledge transfer will need to take place at the start of any engagement to effectively plan for ongoing operation of the Live service.
This takes place most effectively through a short time-bound inception to develop a shared understanding and agreement on vision and objectives across a diverse stakeholder group, including the build, run and operate team. It covers the business, technical and user aspects of the project and the outcome may include some or all of user personas and scenarios, key user journeys, As Is and To Be business processes, a prioritised backlog of user stories, the technical constraints and vision, and a release roadmap and plan. The planning techniques and principles applied are also utilised on an ongoing basis throughout the course of delivery, to continually test the evolving solution with users for actionable feedback that is used to improve the service and ensure it is fit for purpose and meets real and changing user needs.
Planning service works with specific services


Training service provided

Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available
How the setup or migration service works
As well as ongoing running and operating of live cloud-based services, we can help with the initial set up and migration of cloud-based services as part of any organisation's transition to cloud. Our approach helps to address integration, dependencies and risk early. We capture actionable metrics to measure and manage progress towards meeting the agreed success measures and key performance indicators identified in the building and operation of your service, and the cost/benefit of live service operation. The highly collaborative, interactive processes we follow foster continual learning and improvement of services, and help to establish and evolve the overarching service design and management processes and team.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service
How the quality assurance and performance testing works
All experts assigned to this service have extensive experience of automated testing, continuous integration and delivery into at scale production environments. With all clients we actively encourage the adoption of meaningful extensive test coverage, automated delivery and test techniques to reduce risk and safely increase delivery velocity.

Security testing

Security services

Ongoing support

Ongoing support service
Types of service supported
  • Hosting or software provided by your organisation
  • Hosting or software provided by a third-party organisation
How the support service works
Public sector organisations with live service offerings in the cloud may need help with keeping a resilient, feature-rich security accredited digital service in production on cloud-based infrastructure, to Digital by Default service standards.
They will need to respond to change based on continually evolving user needs and policy changes, and will need a partner experienced in the running and operation of services designed, built and deployed for continuous improvement. Our user-centred approach with robust testing, metrics and live service monitoring will help you to serve the needs of your users and meet key performance indicators for the service. We can take full responsibility for your digital products and services in the cloud as a managed service.

Operational support takes the form of pro-active monitoring to help monitor system performance, optimise the code and ensure the service remains secure. Build, run & operate provides office hours level three support to the Live service. We can also provide a full 24/7 Support offering with a help desk if required - this is a separate Equal Experts service offering also available on G-Cloud.

Service scope

Service constraints

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Support levels
We provide an engagement manager on all G-Cloud engagements with responsibility for ensuring customer objectives are met, and for addressing any issues with service delivery. Our engagement managers act as an escalation point, and can be reached via phone or email, to respond to issues beyond the control of the team providing the service. Engagement management is included within our service pricing.


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Other security clearance
Government security clearance
Up to Security Clearance (SC)


£250 to £1500 per person per day
Discount for educational organisations

Service documents

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