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Filers waste significant time and resources repeatedly correcting submissions to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

Beacon provides unprecedented accuracy in inspecting XBRL & iXBRL business reporting documents, allowing filers to identify and correct XBRL errors quickly and accurately before anything is submitted.


  • Inspect XBRL and iXBRL filings the same way as regulators
  • Validate filings using rules from regulation standards
  • Full APIs available to seamlessly integrate with other applications
  • Securely Store Documents


  • Instantly review and identify XBRL filing submission errors
  • Allows the integration of customer-specific custom rules
  • Layers of validation from compliance standards to regulator rules
  • Automatic Taxonomy Updates
  • Accessed by multiple users
  • Collaboration Tool


£75000 to £750000 per instance per year

  • Education pricing available
  • Free trial available

Service documents


G-Cloud 11

Service ID

1 9 4 4 8 0 8 5 3 6 5 1 2 2 0


CoreFiling Limited

Claire Humpries

01865 203192

Service scope

Software add-on or extension
Cloud deployment model
  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
Service constraints
We carry out regular planned maintenance and product updates to our services to ensure customers are using the most secure and up-to-date version. We provide our customers with an agreed notice period for any planned downtime of a service
System requirements
Supported web-browser e.g. IE 11, MS Edge, Chrome or Firefox

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Email or online ticketing
Support response times
Priority 1 1 Operating Hour
Priority 2 2 Operating Hours
Priority 3 8 Operating Hours
Priority 4 48 Operating Hours

Priority 1 1 Business Day
Priority 2 3 Business Days
Priority 3 30 Business Days
Priority 4 n/a

Priority 1:
Inability to use a business-critical feature. No user-acceptable workaround.

Priority 2:
Inability to use an important feature causing major inconvenience, not preventing business operation. No user-acceptable workaround.

Priority 3:
End User is unable to use a feature. User-acceptable workaround available.

Priority 4:
Low/no impact issue, questions, enhancement requests, etc.

Business Hours: 09:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, excluding UK bank holidays.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Onsite support
Yes, at extra cost
Support levels
Support levels can be tailored for specific customers
Support available to third parties

Onboarding and offboarding

Getting started
We provide onsite training and user documentation.
Service documentation
Documentation formats
  • HTML
  • PDF
End-of-contract data extraction
Data stored in Beacon can be exported from the application via the user interface or through the available APIs
End-of-contract process
End of contract process will be executed as per the contract agreement. A notification will be sent to the Customer advising the end date of the contractual licencing agreement. Access to Beacon will then be removed on the expiry date of the licencing agreement should the contract not be renewed.

Using the service

Web browser interface
Supported browsers
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
Application to install
Designed for use on mobile devices
Service interface
What users can and can't do using the API
API's are available to configure the service with different taxonomies, filing rules etc.
API's are available which proivide access to the functional features of the service such as querying the data.
API's are not included to set up the service beyond configuration.
API documentation
API documentation formats
  • Open API (also known as Swagger)
  • HTML
API sandbox or test environment
Customisation available
Description of customisation
The service can be customised to include support for various data sets in order to provide in-depth review and analysis.


Independence of resources
Beacon is part of the CoreFiling Platform. This is built on a scalable, containerized, infrastructure and is deployed into AWS Auto Scaling Groups, allowing horizontal scaling to ensure sufficient resources are available to meet the demands of all users.


Service usage metrics
Metrics types
Provided on a case by case basis


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Other security clearance
Government security clearance
Up to Security Clearance (SC)

Asset protection

Knowledge of data storage and processing locations
Data storage and processing locations
European Economic Area (EEA)
User control over data storage and processing locations
Datacentre security standards
Complies with a recognised standard (for example CSA CCM version 3.0)
Penetration testing frequency
At least once a year
Penetration testing approach
Protecting data at rest
  • Physical access control, complying with SSAE-16 / ISAE 3402
  • Physical access control, complying with another standard
  • Encryption of all physical media
Data sanitisation process
Equipment disposal approach
Complying with a recognised standard, for example CSA CCM v.30, CAS (Sanitisation) or ISO/IEC 27001

Data importing and exporting

Data export approach
The iXBRL data stored in Full Beam can be exported from the application
Data export formats
Other data export formats
  • JSON
Data import formats
Other data import formats
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • Excel

Data-in-transit protection

Data protection between buyer and supplier networks
TLS (version 1.2 or above)
Data protection within supplier network
TLS (version 1.2 or above)

Availability and resilience

Guaranteed availability
Our SLA is to provide 99.9% availability, with contractual guarantees relating to downtime during UK office hours.
Approach to resilience
The service is hosted on a containerized platform that runs redundant replicas of each container for resilience. Automated monitoring performs liveness checks and starts new replicas if necessary.
Backup copies of the data are held in a distinct AWS region (i.e. in a data centre in a different country), which also serves as a disaster recovery location from which service provision can be restored if necessary.
Outage reporting
Planned and serious unplanned service outages are announced to clients via email alerts from our support team. Status end-points are also available via the CoreFiling Platform APIs.

Identity and authentication

User authentication needed
User authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Identity federation with existing provider (for example Google Apps)
  • Username or password
Access restrictions in management interfaces and support channels
Access to the management interfaces is restricted by IP address in addition to requiring user authentication.
Access restriction testing frequency
At least once a year
Management access authentication
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Other
Description of management access authentication
Add response here

Audit information for users

Access to user activity audit information
Users contact the support team to get audit information
How long user audit data is stored for
At least 12 months
Access to supplier activity audit information
Users contact the support team to get audit information
How long supplier audit data is stored for
At least 12 months
How long system logs are stored for
Between 1 month and 6 months

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Other security certifications

Security governance

Named board-level person responsible for service security
Security governance certified
Security governance approach
Information security policies and processes
Information Assurance is managed by the Head of IT reporting to the executive chairman. There are yearly reviews of policies and audits of systems. The policies, audits and incident lists are published for review by other management staff within the company.

Operational security

Configuration and change management standard
Supplier-defined controls
Configuration and change management approach
All changes to the production platform go through a change request process, overseen by a ITIL Certified delivery manager. This process ensures appropriate approvals are in place before changes are made. Configuration information is stored in a revision control system to track all changes made through the lifetime of the system.
Vulnerability management type
Supplier-defined controls
Vulnerability management approach
We have a number of systems in place including automated container vulnerability scanning, monthly patching of servers, and annual penetration testing of the service. We subscribe to relevant vendor security announcement lists in addition to monitoring the IT media for new vulnerabilities and threats.
Protective monitoring type
Supplier-defined controls
Protective monitoring approach
Our protective monitoring approach includes a monitoring system that provides real-time status information and alerting to our operations team. Logging is aggregated centrally to enable effective search and correlation of events to take place, and logs are mirrored to a remote location to prevent tampering.
Incident management type
Supplier-defined controls
Incident management approach
We have an Incident Management Process that defined the process for reporting and handling incidents. Any incidents are logged on internal issue tracking system, Bugzilla. This alerts appropriate members of staff to the incident so that they can prioritise and resolve the incident effectively as well as providing a log of such incidents. The procedure includes steps for initial investigation, containment, recovery and client notification as well as later analysis and remediation of the cause.

Secure development

Approach to secure software development best practice
Supplier-defined process

Public sector networks

Connection to public sector networks


£75000 to £750000 per instance per year
Discount for educational organisations
Free trial available
Description of free trial
Trial options and trial costs are considered on a case by case basis. CFL will provide a user name , password and the web-link to access Beacon along with examples of regulation profiles. Standard trial periods is for one calender month.

Service documents

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