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IT & Digital Transformation Testing

Zoonou Limited

Zoonou offers strategic test and quality assurance services for IT and digital transformation programmes. Either directly, or through our partners, we offer a broad range of capabilities and roles from advisory and QA focused activities through to test design, test management and test execution at project and programme level.

Accessibility Testing

Zoonou Limited

Web accessibility aims to ensure that people with disabilities can understand, navigate, and interact with your applications and online services. Zoonou's expert WCAG compliance testing and assistive technology accessibility testing (JAWS, NVDA) ensures your site has equal access for all users, including visual, auditory, physical, cognitive and neurological disabilities.

Managed Test Services, Quality Assurance and Advisory

Zoonou Limited

A full range of industry accredited software testing and advisory services including test management, functional test execution, mobile, desktop, compatibility and user acceptance testing. Our specialist services include Load & Performance, Penetration, Accessibility and Automation. We are a fully managed service providing excellent communication with a responsive and adaptable approach.

Web & Mobile Application Testing

Zoonou Limited

Web and mobile application testing from front-end functionality and compatibility through to back-end CMSs and API connectivity. Test laboratory of 300+ desktop, mobile and tablet environments, across Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and more. We test native and system apps as well as providing security, accessibility, load and performance testing.

Functional & System Testing

Zoonou Limited

Comprehensive functional testing and system testing to provide measurable reporting on the quality of applications. As a managed service, qualified test analysts identify and write test cases and execute scripted testing or exploratory testing. Our test team integrates with your development approach, end-to-end Waterfall or ongoing sprint-based Agile test support.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Zoonou Limited

Our User Acceptance Testing (UAT) services are designed to help businesses transition applications and systems to live operations with confidence. We help to create a sustainable process management system with engagement of real end users alongside the needs of the business. Ensure you're delivering high quality applications to your users.

Performance & Load Testing

Zoonou Limited

Our expert performance and load tests help to prevent unexpected downtime and unacceptable response times for users. It ensures applications are reliable, scalable and stable and can help you to save costs for ongoing support, fixes and maintenance. Performance tests are an essential part of modern digital development.

Test Automation

Zoonou Limited

Automated testing service for all forms of cloud continuous integration and delivery. Working within Agile and DevOps environments, test automation allows for quicker development outcomes and can be a significant cost saving over manual testing. Utilising a range of tools and programming languages, including Selenium, Watir webdriver, Ruby and more.