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  • Legal Case Management Software for Legal Teams

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Tricostar Legal Case Management (TCM) is a 100% web-based application designed for the cloud, which provides Case and Matter Management tools, integrated Email and Document Management with SharePoint, Email Management with Office 365, Time Recording, Court Bundling, Billing and Client Portal access, with exceptionally strong Reporting and Workflow capabilities.

  • Time Recording from Tricostar - Timebase 247

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Timebase 247 is time and resource software. It is comprehensive, easy-to-use, with granular security, 100% web-based application giving service professionals the freedom to record their time electronically. Can be linked to payroll and HR systems. Time can be recorded using smart phones, laptops and PCs. Available on cloud or in-house.

  • Court Bundling and Document Bundling Software

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Tricostar Court Bundling (TCB) is a 100% web-based application for the cloud, which provides Court Bundling and Document Bundling, using its electronic bundling functionality. Providing integrated Document Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint it collates, sorts and auto-indexes thousands of documents into one PDF in minutes, reducing workloads and improving efficiency.

  • Data Discovery, Classification and Remediation from MinerEye

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Our complete data discovery tool autonomously and intelligently uncovers the otherwise undiscovered, wherever it resides. It helps to enforce GDPR and security policies, identifies potential insider threats, alerts you to vulnerabilities, and manages and reclassifies your data – no matter where it resides.

  • Azure Information Protection (AIP) Implementation Services for Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    We are one of a very few expert companies working with organisations in the implementation of AIP rights management software and ensuring all of your documents and emails are fully protected at the point of creation. AIP is a module that is part of Microsoft's O365 Cloud email solution.

  • Email Management for Outlook O365 and SharePoint from Colligo

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Email management and document management tool gets the most from your SharePoint . Makes it easy to capture,classify emails and attachments right from Outlook to SharePoint, with tools that let workers quickly save, search and share. Save and classify files into SharePoint right from Office 365 Excel, Word and PowerPoint

  • Agentless End Point Protection from Trusted Knight

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Trusted Knight’s Protector Air is the only unified security solution for websites that combines traditional web security with protection against the growing customer-side threats posed by advanced malware and malicious JavaScript. Protector Air is a cloud-based service specifically designed to be simple to activate with zero customer friction.