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5 results found containing tricostar in Cloud software

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Tricostar Case Management

Tricostar Software Ltd

TCM is a 100% web application- a true shared software service for multi departmental and cross authority usage - designed to provide case management for legal departments and others requiring electronic file case management. It includes workflow, reporting, CRM, customer service, knowledge management , marketing and a granular security model.

Government Consortia Buyers Web Application

Tricostar Software Ltd

Our consortium software allows solicitor and barristers to publish their rates facilitating local authorities putting out bids for required work to identify best value before awarding work. It manages training courses inc. advertising, course booking and participant communication. Forums and ‘Special Interest Groups’ create knowledge centres to share ideas

Court & Document Bundling

Tricostar Software Ltd

Tricostar Court / Document Bundling (CB) is a web solution for any requirement to bundle into one PDF large numbers of documents (e.g. court, contracts or as part of tenders), with auto-created indexes and auto page numbering. Can be linked to SharePoint or your existing file or matter management system.

We Team Up

Tricostar Software Ltd

We TeamUp centralises the management of multiple projects across multiple teams and multiple locations . This ensures that the team knows what is happening and what the next steps are. It gives a clear vision of what the goals and objectives of a project.

Timebase 247

Tricostar Software Ltd

Timebase 247 is time and resource software. It is comprehensive, easy-to-use, with granular security, 100% web application giving service professionals the freedom to record their time electronically. Can be linked to payroll and HR systems. Time can be recorded using smart phones, laptops and PC's. Available in house version also