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  • Micro Focus Data Security Assessment 10 day Service


    Micro Focus® Data Security Assessment Services are designed to assist customers with evaluating their current enterprise data protection strategy. This is achieved by assessing the existing domains of data protection including data in motion, data in rest, big data encryption, and key management using Data Security Maturity Model.

  • Secure DevOps / DevSecOps Assessment


    Micro Focus Secure Software Development LifeCycle Assessment Services are designed to assist customers evaluate their current enterprise application security strategy. This is achieved by assessing the domains of Secure DevOps/SecDevOps: for example Strategy, Governance, Operations, KPIs/Metrics. Output report with findings, recommendations, roadmap and maturity scoring. Aligned to Fortify

  • Focus Groups

    User Vision

    This is an excellent means of engaging customers in understanding requirements, developing concepts, establishing ideas, and exploring the optimal way of achieving goals. Typically focus groups are used in the early stages of the design cycle, when clients are generating ideas and seeking to understand needs of the target audience.

  • DevOps Testing

    Capita Business Services Limited

    Moving from a traditional model, where releases are made infrequently is challenging. The move will require new skills, organisational and process changes. Change can unnerve team members and their leadership, however the benefits are dramatic. Our holistic approach to DevOps testing transformation focuses on all aspects of this transformation.

  • Cloud Transformation Programme and Change Management

    Sharma Consulting Services Limited

    This service focuses on delivering the outcomes and outputs defined by the strategy set out by the business. Here, we provide our clients with skills that enable them to bring control and discipline into the delivery process while taking ownership of delivering outcomes and outputs required in realising business value.

  • Portfolio Management Service

    Deep Team

    Support portfolio initiation. Set up Portfolio Direction Group (PDG) / Portfolio Progress Group (PPG). Quarterly - solicit changes in opportunity/threat/goal/imperative from the PDG, to support prioritisation and resource balance of the portfolio with the PPG. Assumes programme/projects progress, issues and risks managed to an agreed standard. Communicate updated roadmaps/actions/decisions.

  • Chess Data Visualisation and Cloud Analytics


    Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. The differentiator of this tool is it is focused on providing value to the end user community and not people with specialisms in IT or the manipulation of data. Chess surface the data sets.

  • Azure Business Consultancy Services

    Ashton Court Group Ltd

    Through the provision of this service Ashton Court will help you understand whether Microsoft Azure is a good fit with your business needs, and to ensure that your requirements can be met through deployment of your applications to Microsoft Azure.

  • Customer insight for transition to cloud services

    RedQuadrant Ltd

    We offer a wide range of practical ‘modular’ customer insight methodologies from which clients can select the most appropriate and topical solutions, large or small, to suit the particular stage they have reached in their transition of customer transactions to cloud.

  • Kimble PSA Cloud Implementation & Support

    Felber Consulting Limited

    As part of the modernisation agenda Public Sector organisations continue to establish professional services teams to develop/spread best practice and deliver reforms. Felber Consulting's expertise in both implementing cloud-based PSA application Kimble and in Public Sector reform helps teams develop, manage and understand their services, and improve customer service delivery.

  • Employee Experience Design

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    The engagement designs compelling employee experiences at key touchpoints to drive levels of engagement and productivity. The engagement takes people through a well proven process, right from creating personas, building and experimenting with scenarios to igniting confidence, discovering possibilities and identifying optimum, human-centric solutions.

  • Organisational Change Management


    Realising impactful organisational change takes consistency and clarity of purpose. AND Digital supports a wide range of leadership teams by helping to define the trajectory for change with clear, well articulated roadmaps. We focus on people, culture and behaviour to ensure new processes embed consistently, and technologies are smoothly adopted.

  • Delivering Change - Assurance


    Management Consultancy Assurance services provide a key service to ensure that complex change and transformation stays on track, delivering the required business outcomes. The higher the level of delivery risk, or criticality of the outcome, the more important it is to use this service.

  • StorageOS Enablement Jumpstart

    ECS Digital

    This is a training course to allow end users and organisations to understand, deploy and use StorageOS to manage their storage in Containerised applications. The course is aimed at new users of StorageOS.

  • Legacy Modernisation for the cloud

    Jumar Technology Limited

    Jumar’s expertise in cloud modernisation, re-platforming, transition, migration and refactoring (functional isolation) removes complexity and risk from legacy apps. It enables all latest technologies and approaches to be exploited. Jumar's unparalleled insight into this complete process, assesses the ‘as is’ and identifies ‘to be’ states and advises on the roadmap.

  • Digital Engineering Services- Cloud Supplier Management


    Successful integration of services employed across the ICT estate is dependent upon effective management of the Ecosystem of suppliers providing those services. Leonardo’s Supplier Management approach is centred on ISO44001 compliant Collaborative Working to maintain an effective supplier ecosystem. This outcome focused approach sets shared goals and clear exit criteria

  • Advanced Classification

    Agilisys Ltd

    The advanced classification solution is focussed on the automatic classification of content in SharePoint Online (and Microsoft Teams). It also includes automatic metadata field extraction from content. This achieves significantly improved content discovery experiences for end users whilst also enabling automatic information governance for compliance to be achieved.

  • Sopra Steria Digital Discovery Workshop

    Sopra Steria Ltd

    This one or two day workshop is designed to ensure that before any service is built, that the problem is fully understood. Use this workshop as part of the Discovery Phase of your project.

  • CI/CD Continuous Integration/Delivery Testing

    Capita Business Services Limited

    Continuous integration testing requires that the build and test process can be largely automated. Our CI/CD approach is based on our experience and best practices and aligned to our principles and practice. Using codeless test automation tools where possible, we reduce script maintenance and help with more rapid script development.

  • Fordway IT as a Service


    Fordway IT as a Service is a comprehensive, IT service provision that helps identify the IT improvements your organisation needs; works with you to transform them; then ensures they stay operational and secure. You’ll free up resources, access new capabilities, take back control to use IT in an innovative way.

  • Cloud Service Implementation Project and Programme Management

    Plethos Consulting Ltd

    This service ensures that the client's Cloud Service implementation projects and programmes are delivered in the most appropriate way possible and maximise the opportunities for transformation. Careful attention is paid to overarching objectives to help the client organisation realise the benefits of deploying cloud services.

  • Application Security Assurance


    Application Security Assurance is designed to assess digital applications against “known” vulnerability types (such as those recorded in the OWASP Top 10) to identify exploitable vulnerabilities which could be leveraged by a malicious actor. This level of assessment goes beyond signature-based scanning activities providing increased assurance and resilience to attack.

  • CREST Penetration Testing, IT Health Checks and Professional Services

    Modis International Ltd

    Modis International t/a Ajilon's approved ethical hacking teams probe cyber defences, focusing on how defences could be penetrated. This will range from attempts to physically access your buildings to exploiting your IT systems. Our aim is to provide peace of mind so that you can focus on running your organisations

  • VFQ Software Engineering and DevOps Pathway

    Emergn Limited

    This is a practical, work-based education programme that supports people and teams working in and around agile software development & DevOps to acquire the skills and capabilities to define, develop and deliver products and services focused on user needs for cloud-enabled transformations. Skills include Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Continuous Delivery/Integration

  • Cloud Business Architecture and Analysis


    Our business architecture, analysis and requirements management approach for cloud solutions is based on a proven framework to meet business needs and support the delivery of effective cloud enabled change. We apply this to waterfall and agile project lifecycles, flexing techniques to match, taking a User Centred approach to design.

  • Rapid Change and Adoption

    i3Works Ltd

    Rapid Change and Adoption is a high-quality service from i3Works. Our rapid change and adoption service provides a fast, accelerated approach to implementing change and adoption in your organisation. This service will ensure that any change is planned for success in a fast and effective manner, while delivering sustained benefits.

  • VerseOne Content Management System (CMS) solution for NHS Organisations

    VerseOne Group Ltd

    This is a custom, healthcare package for the VerseOne CMS, a powerful, design-led content management platform. VerseOne CMS is the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals. VerseOne is a market-leading online digital transformation solution for housing associations and NHS organisations.

  • Digital for Local Government Senior Leaders Workshop

    Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

    An introductory interactive workshop aimed at executives and senior leaders, setting out what digital is and what it really means for public services, dispelling myths and hype around the term in a non-technical way. Provides practical examples from private and public sectors and exercises to rapidly build understanding and knowledge.

  • VerseOne Content Management System (CMS) solution for housing associations

    VerseOne Group Ltd

    This is a custom, housing association package for the VerseOne CMS, a powerful, design-led content management platform. VerseOne CMS is the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. VerseOne is a market-leading online digital transformation solution for housing associations and NHS organisations.

  • Security Monitoring Assessment and Design


    Security Monitoring is fundamentally a risk management activity. In order to deliver the intended benefits, the monitoring must be tailored to the solution, rather than applied generically. This service assesses the specific risks to a corporate or operational network and defines the monitoring solution required to manage associated risks appropriately.