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  • Totara Engage LXP (Learning Experience Platform)

    Think Learning

    Totara Engage is a functionally rich Enterprise Social Network (ESN) platform, offering collaborative social workspaces and integration with Microsoft Teams and Totara Perform (TXP). When integrated with Totara Learn, it provides powerful LXP (Learning Experience Platform) features, including a recommendations engine for adaptive content search results, playlists, and gamification features.

  • Totara Performance (Talent Management Platform)

    Think Learning

    Totara Performance is a functionally rich, responsive talent and performance platform. Combines appraisal, 9-box grids, e-Forms, 360 feedback, talent pipelines, pay progression, revalidation and CPD; Seamless upgrade options to Totara Learn, and Totara’s TXP Enterprise extensions (Totara Learn TXP, Totara Perform, and Totara Engage). Healthcare, NHS, Government specialist experience.

  • PEP Health (Patient Experience Platform)


    PEP Health makes sense of what patients say and think about their healthcare experiences. Offering a radical new AI approach to collecting and analysing the views of patients on the services they have received, with comprehensive real-time reporting of what patients really think to improve and monitor services.