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  • Threatvine Hub: Cyber security information sharing platform


    Threatvine Hub is a cyber security information-sharing platform, designed for secure cross-organisational, cross-sector sharing which powers National cyber strategies worldwide. Threatvine unites critical national infrastructure, law enforcement and academia, moving beyond information sharing to collaborative intelligence analysis; minimising risk and keeping you one step ahead of the cyber threat.

  • Threatvine Exchange: Federated cyber security information sharing platform


    Threatvine Exchange is a federated cyber security information-sharing platform which enables real-time collaboration whilst retaining sovereignty of your data. Threatvine enforces control of cross-organisational sharing arrangements, essential for complex multi-partner supply chains, ensuring your information only goes where permitted; moving beyond cyber security information sharing to collaborative cybersecurity intelligence analysis.

  • Kanzi: Secure Instant Messaging


    Kanzi is an instant messaging service designed and built around secure communications from the ground up. Using XMPP protocols to deliver a secure approach to instant messaging at scale for mission-critical communication and enforcing your information sharing rules whilst still actively encouraging participation.