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  • Jive Software


    Surevine is an official G-Cloud Jive reseller. Jive is the leading Digital collaboration solution, providing Intranet, Communication and digital collaboration capabilities to the world’s leading companies. Surevine can securely run and host your Jive instance, and can tailor it for you with security enhancements and customisations.

  • Alfresco: Secure document management


    Alfresco, the open Electronic Document and Record Management (EDRM) platform, as deployed by Surevine, is flexible and extensible, enabling native support of the most challenging security constraints. Reimagined from the ground-up to maximise collaboration and sharing. Put people, not files, at the heart of the system.

  • Threatvine Hub: Cyber security information sharing platform


    Threatvine Hub is a cyber security information-sharing platform, designed for secure cross-organisational, cross-sector sharing which powers National cyber strategies worldwide. Threatvine unites critical national infrastructure, law enforcement and academia, moving beyond information sharing to collaborative intelligence analysis; minimising risk and keeping you one step ahead of the cyber threat.

  • Jodami: Secure video, voice and chat


    Jodami is a secure video conferencing, voice and instant messaging solution. It provides a cohesive user experience and security controls designed to scale appropriately to the needs of any organisation where security is paramount. It can be hosted anywhere, allowing you to take back control of your organisation’s communication.

  • Threatvine Exchange: Federated cyber security information sharing platform


    Threatvine Exchange is a federated cyber security information-sharing platform which enables real-time collaboration whilst retaining sovereignty of your data. Threatvine enforces control of cross-organisational sharing arrangements, essential for complex multi-partner supply chains, ensuring your information only goes where permitted; moving beyond cyber security information sharing to collaborative cybersecurity intelligence analysis.

  • Kanzi: Secure Instant Messaging


    Kanzi is an instant messaging service designed and built around secure communications from the ground up. Using XMPP protocols to deliver a secure approach to instant messaging at scale for mission-critical communication and enforcing your information sharing rules whilst still actively encouraging participation.