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NHS Data Quality Assurance

Stalis Ltd

Stalis’ NHS Data Quality Service reviews data held on an existing system and gives in-depth feedback on problem areas. Stalis’ specialist tools and extensive experience of NHS data provides a clearer understanding of the true state of data, whilst acting as a catalyst for a focused and effective improvement programme.

NHS Data Migration

Stalis Ltd

Migrate your patient healthcare data without disruption and with 100% confidence. The tools, services and methodology have been used successfully by over 20 NHS trusts. Launch your new healthcare information system with 100% trial-load success and no duplicate, partial, missing patient data or appointments.

NHS Data Archive

Stalis Ltd

Stalis' NHS data archive provides a secure repository for a wide range of healthcare services covering administrative and clinical data. The access is controlled depending upon user role and provides a consistent view of all data. The viewer is web based, intuitive and completely adapted to healthcare use.

NHS Data Migration Strategy Service

Stalis Ltd

Good data quality is essential to support healthcare organisations’ management of patients and reporting to Commissioners. Stalis can extract data from multiple source systems and assimilate in an Integrated Care Record for data quality assessment monitoring and improvement. Data quality levels must be assured as part of any data migration.

NHS Open Clinical Data Repository

Stalis Ltd

Stalis' NHS Open Clinical Data Repository can be integrated with current electronic health record solutions and provides a long-term solution to clinical data storage, eliminating the necessity for future data migrations and the development of ‘feral’ solutions arising from a demand to provide functionality that doesn’t come with current systems.

NHS Shared Care Record

Stalis Ltd

Our innovative solution provides the infrastructure to create the integrated care record, along with a secure web-based browser application that allows users to access custom views of records spanning care delivered in multiple settings.