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Content migration


We have extensive experience of managing and producing high volumes of content through migration processes with various levels of editorial intervention. Scroll redesigned content for the flagship GOV.UK launch, merged dozens of websites into a single architecture, redrafting content to fit user needs and the new site design.

Stakeholder management and communications support


Scroll helps digital teams develop successful communications about their work and what it means for stakeholders across their organisation. These include promoting agile methods and communicating about the aims or progress of a digital transformation project in order to ensure comprehension and buy-in from stakeholders at all levels.

Social media: strategy and maintenance


Scroll works strategically and collaboratively to harness the potential of interaction and feedback via social media in digital projects. We set out with a clear focus of understanding customer needs and constraints (eg resources and reputational risk), determine the options available and then hand over or implement the preferred approach.



We provide content training and mentoring. This includes bespoke and public courses in content design, data and user needs, effective governance, content strategy and agile content development. Scroll’s presence at content conferences exposes us to the latest developments in content, which we share in training and meetups.

Web editing and copywriting


Scroll's editors, writers and content designers are tested, trained and experienced; their skills range from copywriting, editing and proofreading to formatting and metadata. They are adept at implementing house style and tone, with expertise in policy rewriting. They have mastered a wide range of CMSs and learn new ones quickly.

Content maintenance and management


Scroll's content designers have a public-sector digital content track-record, including high-volume, high-profile government websites. We ensure there’s a clear vision for content maintenance and governance and that the correct tools are available, developing or supplying them where necessary. This includes training, manuals, business processes, agile content methodologies and style protocols.

Translation and localisation


Scroll manages the translation and localisation of content into other languages or single-language variants, following best practices that keep coordination of source and target languages synchronised across versions and iterations. We are experienced in the management of translation projects, and the technicalities of translating and localising content for multiple audiences.

Content design


Scroll’s content designers develop user-centred content in plain English. We work on all types of content, however complex. Starting with user needs, we design content that meets these needs, validating it against analytics and user research. We provide content design for digital services, intranets and website transition and transformation projects.

Content audit and planning


Scroll's experience creating content audits, plans and strategies includes working with government departments and on large transformation and migration programmes. We can handle large volumes of content and liaise with customers at all levels. Scroll can provide experts to manage teams of editors, or work alongside analysts, developers and designers.

User research, UX design and evaluation


Our user researchers and UX designers are experienced at working on government service design and cloud digital transformation projects. We design and run focus groups and user acceptability testing (UAT), recruiting the users and designing tests, writing the scripts, selecting the criteria and reporting all findings in visually clear presentations.

Technical communication services


Scroll can manage all content in alignment with industry best practices of single-sourcing content, using intelligent content principles. This facilitates the use of content within a software system, on sites, in knowledge bases, on devices, in the appropriate languages. We use specialty software to create, deliver and maintain content.

Content strategy


Scroll provides planning, analysis, recommendations and implementation for multi-channel digital projects to meet communication and marketing goals. We create content strategy to bridge web, email, mobile, social and traditional communication channels, creating an integrated delivery of services. This enables content to play its part in the wider service design model.

Content operations


We are skilled at leading teams to optimise content operations, consider the needs of content at every stage of the content lifecycle for cloud projects, and upskill the team through coaching. We can also help brief or write specs for developers and software companies.

Digital campaigns


We have worked on digital campaigns and projects for marketing and communications departments in government departments, charities and other public-sector bodies. We research, plan and develop content strategies and messaging that meet business objectives and user needs. We have also worked on campaign sites on the GOV.UK platform.

Technical writing


Our technical authors have an understanding of both technology and content, which enables them to produce clear, accessible technical writing. We can work on specialist documentation for developer teams or user guidance and instructions to help ensure that digital services are consistent and easy to use.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Mediaworks (UK) Ltd

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) aims to improve and fine-tune the user experience of your website, in order to better support your business’ goals and turn more ‘visitors’ into ‘customers’.

InfoTap® Cloud Support

Software for Data Analysis Limited (SDA)

InfoTap® dcomprises our suite of data input, processing and reporting tools designed for cloud-based operations, including our SCROLL® Survey Software managed service. Whatever your data sources, we'll extract, transform and load your information in the most appropriate format for consistent querying and reproducible research, dashboard outputs, and reporting and presentation.