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  • Data Nessie for AWS Data Lake Automation

    Millersoft Ltd

    Data Nessie is a lightweight migration service that moves data from popular databases into AWS S3 for analysis. Selected source tables are automatically copied into S3 in parquet format and surfaced in AWS Athena via GLUE catalogue. Change data capture (CDC) is performed to record the table history in S3.

  • Alienvault (AT&T Security) USM Anywhere Vulnerability Management & SIEM

    S3 Ltd

    USM Anywhere combines vulnerability management & SIEM, continuously collecting security data from across your organisation, analysing & correlating data, whilst fuelling that analysis with threat intelligence. It also includes automation & orchestration to streamline threat response.

  • Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT)

    Pro2col Ltd

    Pro2col provide hosted managed file transfer (MFT) and enterprise file transfer services. MFT describes file transfer automation between business systems using secure file transfer protocols e.g. automated PGP encryption and SFTP automation. Alongside workflow automation MFT enables employees to share critical information outside organisations securely, using ad-hoc file transfer facilities.