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8 results found

8 results found containing roc in Cloud hosting

RocStac™ Enterprise Cloud IaaS

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac™ Enterprise IaaS combines Roc's technical and delivery expertise with UKCloud's secure cloud platform. Support business processes like back-office and line-of-business systems. Self-provision, and scale, secure UK OFFICAL (and above) environments rapidly, connected to the PSN-Protected, PNN and RLI networks utilising Service Levels up to 99.99%.

RocStac™ Oracle Software IaaS

Roc Technologies Limited

Enterprise Compute Cloud (Oracle) provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), powered by Oracle VM (OVM) technology, that is fully compliant with the compatibility and licensing requirement of Oracle-based enterprise applications.

RocStac™ OpenStack (Native) IaaS

Roc Technologies Limited

Powered by OpenStack®, Cloud Native IaaS provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that meet the expectations of today's DevOps and WebOps communities. Engineered specifically for organisations delivering true UK OFFICIAL cloud-native applications which are connected to the PSN-Protected, PNN and RLI networks.

RocStac™ Cross Domain Security Zone

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac™ Cross Domain Security Zone enables consumers to securely transfer data between the UKCloud Assured OFFICIAL (formerly IL2) cloud platform and the UKCloud Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform using NCSC approved cross domain security patterns.

RocStac™ Cloud Storage

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac™ Cloud Storage is a secure, massively scalable and highly resilient UK OFFICIAL object storage platform. Designed to address a wide variety of use-cases, and is connected to the PSN-Protected, PNN and RLI networks.

RocStac Multi Cloud Tier2 (SECRET) Cloud Services

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac SECRET cloud service utilises common best-in-class components that gives you choice, scalability and offers choice and flexibility for Defence and National Security agencies, extending through the government supply chain, without locking them into a single proprietary technology stackUK sovereign, with secure and resilient government-grade UK List X data centres

RocStac™ Soverign Azure

Roc Technologies Limited

Sovereign Azure harnesses the innovation of Microsoft's Azure platform and we deliver this service from within a award-winning government-grade multi-cloud environment - hosted in Crown Hosting, and the networks which are vital to the public sector; from PSN Protected to HSCN and RLI.

RocStac™ Secure Remote Access

Roc Technologies Limited

RocStac Secure Remote Access enables consumers to securely connect to the RocStac Elevated OFFICIAL (formerly IL3) cloud platform using approved Internet VPN technologies and the ‘walled garden’ architectural pattern. This is compliant with GDPR and suitable for remote access to OFFICIAL workloads, and based in UK Crown hosting datacentres. .