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AssessNET Accident / Incident & Investigation Reporting Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Accident/Incident module will empower you to globally manage Accident and Incidents through our simple to use AssessNET platform. Our Accident/Incident module gives you the ability to document and manage a variety of Accident / Incident categories. The module guides users, records information for incident types with different reporting categories.

AssessNET Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Module will empower you to facilitate training and completion of DSE risk assessment for employees and provides managers with completed assessment reviews. Automatically notify DSE users to complete their DSE assessment - email contains a direct link to their own specific DSE completion area.

AssessNET Fire Risk Assessment Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Risk Assessment module will empower you to divide your workplace into zones that are assessed quickly and efficiently. Answer generic questions in a Y/N format, identify required remedial actions, assign tasks via Task Manager. Customise assessment templates to fit organisational requirements.

AssessNET Method Statements Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Method Statements Module will empower you to create templates to define work processes. Permit to Work templates can be pre-populated with known information, such as potential hazards associated with a specific working activity that occurs often within your organisation. Set automatic reviews and project expiry dates.

AssessNET Manual Handling Assessments Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Manual Handling Assessments Module will empower you to identify and manage manual handling risks globally. Complete Manual Handling Risk Assessments and identify and minimise manual handling hazards. Assign corrective actions to ensure legal compliance and utilise the built-in Manual Handling Assessment Chart (MAC) tool.

AssessNET Training Management Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Training Management Module will empower you to have instant, real-time access to your company's training information and the ability to search for individuals across your organization who have the relative skills you need. Easily view the status of training across your organization through your training dashboard.

AssessNET Risk Assessment Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Risk Assessment Module will empower you to manage risk effectively, in real-time, giving you visibility across your organisation. Create standardised templates that can be shared and tailored as required by your users, identify hazards, control risks and prompt action.

AssessNET Safety Inspection Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Safety Inspection Module will empower you to record observations made during a Safety Inspection, assign corrective actions to users via Task Manager and schedule follow-ups. Users can complete inspections whilst actively out in the field, ensuring information is captured in real-time.

AssessNET COSHH Assessment & SDS Management Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's COSHH Assessment & SDS Management Module empowers you to globally manage assessments. Our module gives you the ability to meet obligations for potentially harmful substances including DSEAR. Using the framework of AssessNET’s Risk Assessment module conduct in-depth COSHH-specific assessments, whilst retaining familiarity and ease of use across both modules.

AssessNET Permit To Work Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET’s Permit To Work Module will empower you to create bespoke Permit templates and authorisation process. Live permit status dashboards with task management alerts with document record management.

AssessNET Contractor Management Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET’s Contractor Management Module empowers you to manage organisations and individual compliance. Setup custom compliance templates which can be used against the organisation as a whole or individual contractors to provide an overview of compliance. Review findings and setup re-assessment periods to ensure compliance levels are maintained.

AssessNET Hazard Reporting Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET's Hazard Reporting Module empowers you to record and manage Hazards, ideally in conjunction with AssessNET’s Portal module. Users can rapidly enter details of hazards in the workplace, along with photos and videos, alerting the responsible person. Assign remedial actions and track progress directly from the Hazard itself.

AssessNET Safety, Quality & Environment Audit Module

Riskex Ltd

Our Audit module allows you to conduct versatile audits and gain real-time insights into your organisation’s performance. The module identifies issues or non-conformance to ensure corrective actions are put into place before they can have a negative impact. Be proactive with your safety, quality and environmental audits.

AssessNET Self Assessment Module

Riskex Ltd

AssessNET’s Self-Assessment Module empowers you to manage Self-Assessments globally through our simple to use platform. Our Self-Assessment module gives you the ability to create custom assessments which are specific to your organisation.

AssessNET Core System Module

Riskex Ltd

The AssessNET Core System is the main operating module AssessNET, from which licenced users access the Task Management functionality (based on their permission settings) and manage their own activities as well as individuals under their span of control. For Systems Administrators, this provides access to the Administration Panel of AssessNET.