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Penetration Testing ITHC Testing

Avenue Business Solutions

Avenue Business Solutions offer expertise and support to both public and private sector clients in the field of Penetration Testing / ITHC Testing. Testers hold recognised industry certification such as Tiger, Crest, CEH and OSCP

CREST Penetration Testing

DigitalXRAID Ltd.

DigitalXRAID provide industry leading CREST approved Penetration Testing of infrastructure and Web Applications. DigitalXRAID and its staff are highly accredited and seasoned professionals. We ensure organisations understand the risks vulnerabilities pose and highlight the true business impact if these were exploited.

OWASP Application Penetration Testing

DigitalXRAID Ltd.

DigitalXRAID provide industry leading CREST approved Penetration Testing of infrastructure and Web Applications. DigitalXRAID and its staff are highly accredited and seasoned professionals. We ensure organisations understand the risks vulnerabilities pose and highlight the true business impact if these were exploited.

SureCloud Penetration Testing

SureCloud Limited

Penetration testing is a vital part of any organisation's assurance toolbox; a key practice that pinpoints the real-world risks to your business assets. SureCloud's highly experienced team of consultants are technical mavericks, trusted advisers, and expert penetration testers.

Security Assessment and Penetration Testing Services

Unipart Cyber Security

Unipart Cyber Security penetration tests or pen tests are effective, comprehensive, and unequivocal. These are carried out to the highest standard using the latest industry standard methodologies and tools by our accredited team of penetration testers equipped for both public and private sector engagement.

Penetration Testing & IT Health Check Service

Perspective Risk Ltd

Perspective Risk provide in-depth Penetration Testing services. Comprehensive experience using CESG approved processes in line with HMG Standards. Skills, accreditations, experience and dynamism to provide you with Penetration Testing services efficiently and tailored to meet your needs exactly. Services provided cover both cloud and traditional infrastructure and applications.

Penetration Testing Services

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Limited

BAE Systems' CREST certified Penetration Testing Services provide fixed price and day rate based penetration testing services for comprehensive application and infrastructure penetration testing. Penetration testing may server a number of benefits, including testing the organisations defences against targeted and untargeted attack, ability to detect intrusions and security vulnerabilities.

Pen Testing

DigitalXRAID Ltd.

DigitalXRAID provide industry leading CREST approved Penetration Testing of infrastructure and Web Applications. DigitalXRAID and its staff are highly accredited and seasoned professionals. We ensure organisations understand the risks vulnerabilities pose and highlight the true business impact if these were exploited.

Penetration Testing

Dionach Limited

Dionach are CREST/CHECK providers of manual penetration testing services. Dionach will look to bypass the security controls and test the system’s resistance to attack. A comprehensive and detailed report will be provided outlining the issues identified and practical recommendations on how to resolve them.

CND Vulnerability Scan

Computer Network Defence Ltd

The CND Vulnerability Scanning Service provides a singular scan against your chosen target. The scans are often used prior to a Penetration Test to allow you to remove easily identified issues or, afterwards to verify that the issues identified have been rectified or mitigated.

Penetration testing


With broad experience of network infrastructure and technologies in use today, JUMPSEC are experts in field of infrastructure penetration testing. JUMPSEC’s penetration testing methodologies are comprehensive and drawn from CREST and OSSTMM, designed to offer you maximum assurance whilst ensuring that testing is non disruptive and safe.

Security Penetration Testing

SOLA Technology

SOLA provide a full range of Penetration Testing Services which cover Mobile, Infrastructure, Internet, Wireless, Web Application and Network testing. The Penetration Testing service is led by CHECK accredited individuals and the process is fully integrated with ISO27001 and ISO9001 systems.

Penetration (PEN) Testing / Pentest / Vulnerability Testing

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services provides day-rate based experienced Tigerscheme and CREST certified specialist security and penetration testing staff to conduct comprehensive application and infrastructure penetration testing. LHIS security specialists have considerable experience of supporting public sector organisations including Central and Local Government, NHS and Blue Light services. SEC02

Security and Penetration Testing Service

Test and Verification Solutions

The T&VS application security service bridges the crucial security gap between perimeter defences and penetration testing, ensuring that your applications are secure through Design, Coding, and Testing. To complement this, T&VS offers cost-effective Penetration Testing that goes beyond automated scanning, making intelligent use of tools combined with human expertise.

Penetration Testing

Capital Network Solutions Limited

Capital Network Solutions Limited provide an extensive range of Penetration Testing Services including: Infrastructure Penetration, Application Penetration, Internet Exposure Penetration, Wireless Penetration , VPN Assessment, Firewall Assessment, Malware Assessment, Mobile Device Management and Threat Mitigation Assessment

Penetration Testing


Providing penetration testing/vulnerability assessment service. Looking at security in an holistic fashion taking into consideration; People, Process and Technology. Employing the latest penetration test methodology, taking into account real world vulnerabilities to present a credible picture of your organisation’s susceptibility to attack. Demonstrating what actions needed to minimise exposure.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking


UKFast’s Penetration Testing is an essential tool to expose weaknesses before hackers do, ensuring your business remains safe behind security that works. Our team of security professionals simulate a full assault to test the ability of your systems/environment to withstand a cyber-threat, identifying any vulnerabilities that need to be secured.

IT Health Check and Penetration Testing

Evolve Secure Solutions Limited

Scoping and delivery of Security Penetration Test of Internet-facing systems; testing for configuration, operating system, software vulnerabilities and application vulnerabilities. Security issues identified by the Penetration Test are reported and resolutions recommended, allowing the customer to eliminate or mitigate the risk, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.

QA Cloud Testing Service

Infosys Limited

QA Cloud Testing Services include Business flow testing – requirements gathering and scoping; Strategy and planning; Test case preparation, execution and reporting consultancy. Security Testing – Application Penetration testing; Vulnerability scanning; Network Penetration testing and hardening services.

SureCloud IT Health Check (ITHC)

SureCloud Limited

SureCloud are a CREST provider, and can therefore provide penetration tests of networks and applications holding protectively marked information. SureCloud’s highly experienced team of consultants are technical mavericks, trusted advisors, and expert penetration testers.

Penetration Testing

Bridewell Consulting

Penetration Testing services by CREST and TIGER certified penetration testers. Infrastructure, Web Application and Mobile Testing using a combination of automated and manual techniques. Easy to read reports with extensive remediation guidance.

Penetration Testing

Aristi Limited

Aristi TigerScheme certified experts will study your network and applications and search for vulnerabilities. This is achieved through the use of semi- automated tools, script execution and is heavily dependent on manual testing and verification techniques. By analysing the results, our consultants will expose potential vulnerabilities.

Network and Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Gotham Digital Science Ltd

A phased approach of automated and manual testing, using industry leading tools, scripts and techniques, this test evaluates the security posture of the infrastructure and the effectiveness of the security controls in place. It will identify any weaknesses which could be exploited by an attacker or malicious code.

Bramble Hub Prism Infosec - Penetration Testing Services

Bramble Hub Limited

Penetration testing of cloud and supporting infrastructure, including reviews of physical and virtualised infrastructure components and applications. Providing expert assessments on vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the setup, configuration, build and ongoing maintenance of cloud services including those deployed on AWS and Azure.

External Security Penetration Testing

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

External Penetration Analysis includes: ► Discovery scanning (zero knowledge test) ► Vulnerability scanning up to 255 IP addresses ► Penetration Testing up to 255 IP addresses Sungard AS to include Your Compamy in all phases of the “Kill Chain” approach (Recon, Lure, Redirect, Exploit, Dropper File, Call Home).

Cloud Cyber Security Testing and Training

Armadillo Sec Ltd

Cyber security testing and training courses for Cloud based hosting. Learn how to securely configure Cloud hosting such as Microsoft Azure. Increase your staffs knowledge to reduce cyber security related risks to your environment. Penetration testing services for Cloud based hosting and systems.

Objectivity Application Testing Service

Objectivity Ltd

Objectivity provides a full range of testing services including system, regression, integration, performance, penetration and security tests. Our test engineers will create an appropriate balance of manual and automated tests and conduct them throughout the development process. This ensures high quality deliverables that match and exceed your expectations.

Penetration Testing


Sapphire offers a range of testing services which can offer peace of mind as well as being flexible to your business needs. Our testing services include external testing, internal testing, web application testing, wireless testing, device testing, CHECK testing and vulnerability assessments (LITE).

Wireless Network Security Testing


Test wireless network for security | Site sweep for rogue wireless devices | Regular sweep and test as required by PCI DSS | Wireless network configuration review and advice | Review and lockdown advice for wireless capable devices | Wireless access point penetration testing

ITHC and Penetration Testing

Advent IM Ltd

Provision of penetration checking services to identify vulnerabilities in networks and systems that may affect the Confidentiality, Integrity or Availability of protectively marked information assets. Conducted by Tigerscheme and CREST testers.

XMA Penetration Testing

XMA Limited

XMA and its partner Bridewell Consulting offer penetration testing services by CREST and TIGER certified penetration testers. Infrastructure, web application and mobile testing using a combination of automated and manual techniques. We offer easy to read reports with extensive remediation guidance

Web Application Penetration Testing

Gotham Digital Science Ltd

Web application penetration testing evaluates the security posture and effectiveness of application security controls, for both bespoke and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) web applications and web services. A phased approach is used to identify weaknesses, technical flaws and configuration errors which could be exploited by a real attacker.

Red Teaming & Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing


Open source research is carried out to determine your public footprint, and to uncover any leakage of information that attackers could leverage in a targeted attack. Then a test like a real world attack is conducted.

Security Assurance Penetration Testing

MWR InfoSecurity

MWR’s CREST accredited Security Assurance experts deliver tactical assessments and penetration testing of applications, systems, networks, security devices and appliances, ensuring all components are resilient against current cyber threats. Our methodologies have been approved by CESG under the CESG CHECK scheme and CREST.

Internal Security Penetration Testing

SunGard Availability Services (UK) Ltd

Internal Penetration Analysis includes: ► Physical security ► Wireless testing including identification and analysis of authorized and rogue access points ► LAN-based testing of network devices will be considered in scope for internal pen test ► Internal penetration testing from the Client's office, or datacenter

Cloud Security Testing

Civica UK Limited

Civica Digital’s Cloud Security Testing services enable organisations to manage and protect information. Our security consultants provide a full range of security testing services including initial security assessments, architectural design and build, IT Health Checks and Penetration Testing to identify and mitigate security vulnerabilities for cloud and hybrid platforms.



Assisting organisations by extensively testing cloud services We have an independently managed Quality Management Group (QMG) into which all testing resources report and our Software Development processes are CMMi level 5 end-to-end (the gold standard of development and quality management certification).

CESG CHECK Testing and IT Health Checks (ITHC)

Dionach Limited

Dionach are a CESG CHECK Green Light provider of manual penetration testing services. Dionach will identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the target systems, and produce a comprehensive and detailed report in line with CESG's requirements, outlining the issues identified and practical recommendations on how to resolve them.

Cyber Security Penetration Testing


We provide an independent, objective security assessment for cloud systems, highlighting security risks from external and internal threats. Only by emulating real-life threats, such as disgruntled employees and external hackers, can the true technical risks inherent in IT be identified to then facilitate the necessary mitigating controls to be implemented.

Cyber Security Testing

Quo Imus Limited (trading as Qi Consulting)

We provide a Cyber Security testing service to support your Cloud-based solutions. This will be configured to meet your circumstances and requirements and includes security standards compliance auditing, e-security, penetration testing (e.g. to CHECK scheme standards) and systems and network auditing.

Information Security Testing (Incl. Penetration Testing)

Security Risk Management Limited

Penetration testing identifies potential weaknesses in a technical infrastructure and provides a level of assurance in the security of that infrastructure. SRM performs penetration testing within the framework provided by our penetration testing methodology. This methodology has been developed in line with a range of recognised standards.

CREST and Tiger Scheme IT Health Checks (ITHC) and Penetration (Pen) Testing


BSI Info-Assure provide security penetration testing and IT Health Checks (ITHC) to assure the technical implementation and configuration of cloud solutions. Testing services available for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS solutions with particular experince testing services hosted within Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and UKCloud.

Cloud Quality Improvement & Transformation Service

Infinity Works Consulting

A full lifecycle service to provide functional and non-functional testing of multi-channel products and services (web, mobile, app, TV, wearable devices) in B2B or B2C environments. Our services include full stack testing (unit, story, integration, performance, penetration, acceptance), introduction of improved tools/techniques, software designed for testing and improved collaboration/knowledge sharing.

Mobile Application Testing

Cigniti Technologies (UK) Limited

Cigniti mobile testing services encompass Functionality, Compatibility, Interoperability, Network carrier, Performance, Test Automation, and Security Testing. Cigniti's proprietary Mobile Test Automation Framework is designed to accelerate test efforts and integrate with leading mobile test automation tools. Cigniti’s Enterprise Mobile Lab has 600+ mobile devices that can be accessed over cloud

Continuous Testing Support Service

NETbuilder Ltd

Continuous Testing support offers engineering and product expertise to build a culture of testing and continuous improvement within IT teams. With the right quality checks and automated scripts integrated with your release process for acceptance, performance, penetration testing, you remove bottlenecks in your pipeline for an even faster release cycle.

Cloud Testing Service

LA International Computer Consultants Limited

LA International’s Testing Services are delivered by specialist Test professionals holding recognised industry qualifications who are experts in best-practice. Services include Test Management, User Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, Compatibility Testing and Security/Penetration Testing. Roles fulfilled include: Portfolio Test Manager, Testing Lead, Test Analyst (Functional/Non-functional), Tools Automation Specialist

Cloud Performance and Testing Services

Kainos Software Ltd

Our test specialists provide our clients with a wide range of professional testing services that assure the software product produced, including: functional testing, exploratory testing, test guidance for product owners, test automation, non-functional testing (such as performance, security and accessibility), test strategy, test management and test guidance for developers.

Cloud Testing Services

Methods Business and Digital Technology Limited

Methods provides a full range of testing services including test strategy, test planning, test analysis, test scripting and test execution. Deployment of testing services across the full lifecycle including Cloud testing using Cloud based testing tools. Experience in automated and manual techniques, with industry recognised qualifications including ISEB/ISTQB.

Zoonou Managed Test Services, Quality Assurance and Advisory

Zoonou Limited

A full range of industry accredited software testing and advisory services including test management, functional test execution, mobile, desktop, compatibility and user acceptance testing. Our specialist services include Load & Performance, Penetration, Accessibility and Automation. We are a fully managed service providing excellent communication with a responsive and adaptable approach.

Leidos Cloud Penetration Testing

Leidos Innovations UK Limited

Leidos provides cybersecurity technical services to test cyber defences through active exploitation attempts. We identify components to be tested and determine test scenarios. Leidos and the buyer agree “Rules of Engagement” to prevent impact to operations. Based on assessments, we provide recommendations to reduce cyber incident risks in operational environments.

Cloud Testing Services

Netcompany UK Limited

Cloud testing services that determine if cloud-based IaaS, SaaS, PaaS services are aligned to business requirements, performant, secure and meet data privacy requirements. Netcompany provides the full range of testing services for end-to-end lifecycle and cloud-based from requirements analysis through to test closure / go-live.

Testing, Test Strategy, Test Management Service

Certes Computing Limited

Certes provide Test expertise to carry out testing through the entire project lifecycle, using a broad range of skills, tools, techniques and methodologies. Full Test Strategy and Management is provided across all levels and types of testing methodologies, including manual and automated techniques

Network Security Support Service

NETbuilder Ltd

NETbuilder provides experts Cloud, Network and Operational Security services to support across the public sector. This includes completing security audits, penetration tests and setting up security services for your cloud estate. Running periodic penetration tests is an important step in ensuring your Network is secure and suitable for live data.

CGI - Penetration Testing IT Health Check CHECK Testing


NCSC CHECK Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking. Vulnerability discovery exploitation and remediation advice. ITSHC or ITHC covering infratructure, web applications, wireless, networks, workstations, laptops, firewalls. Using CREST and Tiger scheme qualified staff performing OWASP and OSSTMM based security testing services. Remote and on site engagements at all classification levels.

Cloud Test Management

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

Our cloud testing service centres on the assurance of business benefits and mitigating risk by defining an effective and efficient test based strategy and plan for the delivery of functional and non-functional elements, Systems Integration (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as well as security and penetration verification and validation.

Penetration Testing Services

PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

7Safe, PA’s technical security practice, provide Digital Security services including Penetration Testing and Digital Forensics. We assist clients with on-going assurance of critical systems and services. Our experience enables us to provide cloud services as part of Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS Compliance and ITHC activities for providing on-going assurance and accreditation.

CND Continuous Vulnerability Assessment

Computer Network Defence Ltd

Our Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Service provides a weekly (default) vulnerability assessment of your boundary addresses, notifying you of any changes to your vulnerability exposure. A lot can happen to your network between annual Penetration Tests, including new vulnerabilities, network compromises and accidental misconfigurations. Our service greatly reduces your exposure.

Web Application Security Testing Services v0.2


Web applications are at core of businesses today, interacting with partners, suppliers and customers. Our Web Application Security Testing service is designed to provide an in-depth, rapid assessment including Web application security reviews and audits providing detailed analysis, testing of Application interfaces, Traditional client browser traffic and Web service configurations.

Qualified Security Team Member (QSTM) Training

Computer Network Defence Ltd

Our five day TigerScheme Qualified Security Team Member course covers current techniques and associated skills used for ethical hacking and penetration testing. The course allows you to learn and practice current techniques used by industry qualified cyber-security penetration testers when conducting engagements in real world environments.

IT Health Check


JUMPSEC specialise in providing security services to public sector clients. These include Penetration testing, ITC Health Checks, Security Consultancy, Incident Response, Managed security scanning, monitoring and breach detection. If you need penetration testing and assurance then JUMPSEC can help. JUMPSEC services are provided under the CREST scheme.

Cyber Security Services – IT Security Health Checks

Amethyst Risk Management Limited

IT Security Health Check service using CREST certified testers encompasses the assessment of cloud hosting infrastructure and cloud based services such as web applications to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Testing can range from penetration testing through to full vulnerability scanning.

Cloud Support: Testing, Test Strategy & Test Management Services


SmartSourcing’s Testing, Test Strategy & Test Management Services include Agile, Cloud, Load, Mobile, User Acceptance, Penetration and Performance. Provision of manual and automated testing services as well as Cloud based testing. Specialists are agile certified ISEB, ISTQB and ASTQB with frameworks and tools including Selenium, HTP Quicktest, Cucumber and Mocha.

Test Strategy and Management for Cloud Services


Proven methods to deliver test strategy and test management processes essential to the delivery lifecycle. Aligned with a comprehensive testing methodology, process and supporting tools. Ideal for Agile delivery environments and multi tower supplier models. Open source and open standards tools are used (JIRA) for test management processes.

CREST Penetration Testing, IT Health Checks and Professional Services

Redscan Cyber Security Limited

Redscan’s CREST approved penetration testing service help organisations to discover gaps in their cyber security that could lead to technology, applications, people and processes being compromised by cybercriminals. Following proven methodologies, our qualified ethical hackers safety exploit identified vulnerabilities and help mitigate security risk by providing clear remediation advice.

Test Services

Opencast Software Europe Ltd

Opencast provides services through our experienced consultants to analyse, develop and enhance testing strategy and to advise & guide in the execution of software testing. Functional, non-functional and service requirements are appropriately considered. We develop test plans, devise automated and manual tests, manage test artefacts and perform defect management

Test Automation & Tools for Cloud Services


Proven methods to deliver automated test tools, essential to the delivery lifecycle. Aligned with a comprehensive testing methodology, process and supporting tools. Ideal for Agile delivery environments and multi tower supplier models. Open source and open standards tools are used (JIRA) wherever possible and can be hosted internally or externally.

Cloud Hosted Website and Application Security Testing

Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

LHIS security professionals review and test cloud based websites and applications to ensure best practice and highlight areas of weakness and vulnerabilities. This process can be iterated during the development and implementation process to support best practice development. Testing includes the OWASP top ten and any current zero day attacks.

Infrastructure Security Assurance Testing

MWR InfoSecurity

Security assessment of networks and systems, complemented by focused penetration tests, revealing issues and qualifying risk. Infrastructure assessments provide an understanding of the security posture of an organisations infrastructure and its susceptibility to compromise. Aligned to CESG's guidelines and based on OSSTMM, ISSAF, BIZEC TEC11 and NIST guidelines/methodologies.

CDW Internal Penetration Testing

CDW Limited

Penetration testing is a simulated attack carried out by highly skilled IT Security specialists in a controlled and monitored way to identify threats and vulnerabilities related to an IT infrastructure. For organisations who want to understand their risk profile and measure the level of security regarding their internally exposed infrastructure.

CDW External Penetration Testing

CDW Limited

Penetration testing is a simulated attack carried out by highly skilled IT Security specialists in a controlled and monitored way to identify threats and vulnerabilities related to an IT infrastructure. For organisations who want to understand their risk profile and measure the level of security regarding their externally exposed infrastructure.

SQA Application Assessment

NCC Services Limited. Trading as NCC Group.

Our SQA Application Testing service provides a more in-depth automated assessment of a web application, combining multiple web application scanners with manual validation and testing to provide a much more comprehensive assessment than a standard web application scan

Software Quality and Testing


We provide testing and quality assurance services to improve the quality of your IT services, reduce downtime and ensure performance and scalability. UAT, technical, Integration, automation, performance testing, end to end, environment, strategy and data management. DMSG work using either Test Driven agile or traditional V-Model waterfall methods.

CDW Web Application Penetration Testing

CDW Limited

Penetration testing is a simulated attack carried out by highly skilled IT Security specialists in a controlled and monitored way to identify threats and vulnerabilities related to an IT infrastructure. For organisations who want to understand their risk profile and measure the level of security regarding their internally exposed infrastructure.

Cloud Security Service

The Server Labs Ltd.

The Server Labs Cloud Security Services include Cloud Security Assessment, Cloud Security Compliance Assessment, Cloud Security Implementation DDoS protection Web Security Gateway IDS/IPS Identity Management Firewall Management Auditing Vulnerability & patch management Encryption and Tokenisation Penetration testing Clouds supported: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, UKCloud

Penetration Testing

NTA Monitor Ltd.

Examination of defined Internet facing IP addresses, testing for configuration, operating system and software vulnerabilities, as well as unauthenticated application level vulnerabilities. Security issues identified are reported and resolutions recommended, allowing the customer to eliminate or mitigate the risk, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of a successful attack.

BT Security Support Services


BT offers security support to customers seeking to safely adopt cloud services. We blend your knowledge and experience with our extensive practical expertise to define, implement, test and operate appropriate security that aligns with your user needs and strategic objectives.

Security audit

Redweb Ltd

Redweb's security audit service is designed to identify security exploits and weaknesses in web sites and web applications. Comprehensive scanning techniques let us identify common OWASP risk areas such as SQL injection, cross site scripting and validation errors. Our report will help mitigate against any risks and identify steps forward.

Intelligence-led Testing and Red Teaming

Nettitude Limited

Nettitude caters for the growing requirement to combine threat intelligence and incident response with penetration testing services. Designed to mirror real life, our attack scenarios are consistent with many modern day APT’s (Advanced Persistent Threats). Nettitude’s CBEST and STAR programmes provide assurance through the closest simulation of real world cyber-attacks.

IBM Security - Cyber Red-Team and Penetration Testing Service (X-Force RED)

IBM United Kingdom Ltd

The IBM Penetration Testing service is CREST approved and designed to give public sector teams the evidence your accreditor needs to independently verify the robustness of your system's defences. Our reports are in easy to understand English, with vulnerabilities in priority order and suggestions as how to mitigate the threats.

Security Testing

Infostretch UK Limited

Infostretch offers vulnerability assessment, metrics, automation and regulatory compliance and reporting for Open Web Application Security Project - OWASP listed vulnerabilities such as insecure data storage, weak server side controls, client side injection, poor authentication and authorization, broken cryptography and many more vulnerabilities

PCI-DSS Services

Nettitude Limited

Nettitude are one of a handful of organisations to be recognized as a PCI QSA, PCI ASV, PCI PA QSA and PCI P2PE QSA. Combining this with our award winning Penetration Testing practice, Security Operations Centre (SOC), Malware Analysis and Incident Response teams, makes us highly unique in this space.

IT Infrastructure and Security Audits

Capital Network Solutions Limited

Capital Network Solutions Limited offers tailored and flexible IT infrastructure and security audit services to comply with legislation and to enable organisational benchmarking. Includes GDPR readiness assessment, infrastructure auditing, penetration testing, health checks , vulnerability identification, mitigation and prioritised recommendations to ensure that data protection and system security is paramount.

Cyber Security Services

Empyrean Digital Limited

Our cyber and security specialists provide a security maturity and compliance assessment of your organisation, including penetration testing and an assessment of your staff's awareness and behaviour towards data protection and the organisation's security policies. Our assessment and recommendations focus on securing your most critical and sensitive data assets.

Application penetration testing


With intimate knowledge of all the common coding platforms, as well as the more obscure ones, JUMPSEC is well placed to help assure the security of your systems, however complex. Our application testing methodologies are well proven, and are drawn from industry bodies such as CREST, OSSTMM and OWASP.

IG Application, Network and WiFi security testing (IGsecurity)

IGspectrum Ltd

Our CREST/CISSP service includes penetration testing of Firewalls, VLANS, networks, applications and WiFi with remote connections. Comprehensive testing includes attempts on DNS zone transfers, enumeration of services, OS detection and build version fingerprinting, password attacks, firewall traversal attacks, email spoofing and mail / web/ relay tests, back-door discovery and uploads.

Technical Cyber Assurance Service

IT Governance Ltd

The Technical Cyber Assurance Service is designed to assist organisations in improving their security posture across their cloud networks, systems and applications. This comprehensive, end-to-end solution provides independent advice on the selection, design, implementation, configuration, management and testing of secure cloud network architectures and supporting functions.

Quality Assurance Burp Suite Security Training

MDSec Consulting Limited

This course provides internal testers such as Quality Assurance Teams with the foundations to find vulnerabilities using Burp Suite. It is taught by the author of the Web Application Hacker's Handbook (WAHH). Delegates will be able to find 80-90% of the common Web Application vulnerabilities affecting typical applications.

Cloud Testing Strategy and Support

IndigoBlue Consulting Limited

This includes the planning, development and operation of techniques and tools to support high-quality testing techniques for cloud systems and services including: Guerrilla testing, Accessibility testing, Lab-based user testing, Remote usability/summative testing (quantitative), Same day user testing (online qualitative), Load and performance testing, Vulnerability and penetration testing.

MTI Cloud Security Support

MTI Technology Ltd

MTI are able to provide qualified and experience Security Consultants, able to help with the following vendors: CA, CyberArk, Forcepoint, Gemalto, Ivanti, MobileIron, Palo Alto Networks, Splunk, Trend Micro, Varonis, VMware, WatchGuard

Security Source Code Review

Gotham Digital Science Ltd

Security Source Code Review assessments uncover security vulnerabilities and their development root causes in the source code of mission-critical business applications. Our methodology combines manual code review techniques, proprietary application security directives, and the use of premier proprietary and commercial source code analysis tools in a consistent and repeatable process.

Digital Services for Cloud

Graph Digital Ltd

A complete set of digital marketing, strategy, user experience, creative, implementation and managed services to design, implement, support and optimise solutions based on the leading content management platform. Our services drives improvements in areas such as user experience, digital marketing, ecommerce, collaboration, customer acquisition, engagement and conversion.

Red Team Attacks

Dionach Limited

Unlike a traditional technical and non-technical penetration tests, Dionach’s Red Team engagements are tailored to rigorously test your security posture across multiple domains. Our team of specialists will simulate how real-world threat actors target your organisation, deploying a range of electronic, social and physical strategies to circumvent existing security controls.

#CloudFutures Transition Management

Network Futures Ltd

#CloudFutures Transition Management Services will help you migrate the systems, services, knowledge and operational capabilities from your change projects into normal services. We will help prepare your business to commence the process of change through documentation, training, testing, to ensure an effective transition into business as usual operations.

IT Health Check (ITHC)


An IT Health Check (penetration test) of applications, infrastructure and networks to support codes of connections (PSN, NHS etc..) and HMG and MOD accreditations for OFFICIAL, SECRET and TOP SECRET systems and networks.

Specialist technology consultancy providing Government Departments with Digital/Agile resources

Talent international UK Limited

Talent International offer specialist Consultancy services within Product Management, User Centred Design, Digital by default, Penetration Testing, User Researchers, Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Certified Ethical Hacking, Delivery Management, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Devops, Testing, Automation Testing, Open Source Development, Front-end development, Back-end development, Technical Architecture, User Interface, Government Digital Service.

Web Application Hacker's Handbook (WAHH) Training

MDSec Consulting Limited

MDSec works at the forefront of Application Security. Our latest edition of the WAHH [Wiley, 2011] spans 870 pages, and we run numerous global training courses on web application security for development teams/professional testers alike. The course follows the chapters of the Second Edition of The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook.

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Agile Collective Ltd

Our Drupal Support and Maintenance service is available for clients who have a Drupal-based website or web application hosted on cloud based services. We offer a range of support services: issue resolution, regular and timely security updates, ad-hoc advice, load testing, penetration testing, automated tests, and server and site monitoring.

Cyber Scheme Team Member (CSTM) Training Course (covering Cloud services)

Information Risk Management Plc

The CSTM assessment has been accepted be CESG as meeting the technical requirements for a CHECK Team Member course. The training provides delegates with an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of Penetration Testing in a real life, hands-on environment and is led by IRM’s experienced CHECK Team-Leaders.

TT Cloud Support

Twin Technology

TTCloud Support covers a vast range of services from web hosting, website creation, maintenance and support, SEO to Single Record Asset Register, Capacity Planning as well as designing, setting up of help desk, determining their performance indicators and monitoring them. These complement the PaaS, IaaS and SaaS services.

Wi-Fi Security Review

Gotham Digital Science Ltd

The prevalence of BYOD (bring-your-own-devices) has refocused acceptance of Wi-Fi in the workplace. Fully assess the security of wireless network solutions which align with the clients specific risk appetite. Using publicly available equipment, bespoke tools and scripts, security weaknesses can be identified in deployed wireless solutions including rogue access points.