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  • NPS Risk Based Verification (RBV)

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Risk Based Verification (RBV) allows local authorities using NPS Benefits to check information supplied by claimants for new claim and change in circumstances against a risk model to determine the likelihood of its accuracy.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Addresses

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Citizen Access – Addresses allows local authority to populate addresses using the Post Office Address File (PAF) format.

  • NPS Enforcement - Adjudication SaaS

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    The NPS Adjudication solution is used for viewing Camera Offences. It enables Police staff to ascertain if offence details are correct before proceeding with prosecution through PentiP. It delivers core requirements, is built using the proven PentiP platform and integrates with PentiP using the Home Office approved Web Service.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Community Forms

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Citizen Access – Community Forms allows local authorities to quickly and easily create bespoke on-line application forms to support enhanced self-serve.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Revenues

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Citizen Access - Revenues allows citizens and businesses to access their account information online as well as apply for items such as exemptions or discounts, or advise they would like to pay by direct debit.

  • NPS Housing

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Housing is a comprehensive and flexible integrated Housing Management solution that can be delivered via the Cloud or on-premise. NPS Housing has been designed to be used on any device, whether tablet, smartphone or PC, enabling you to access information wherever you are, at any time.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Campaigns

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Allows local authorities to instigate campaigns for information from relevant citizens and businesses, and a web site for the citizen or business to supply the information requested.

  • NPS OptoMize

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS OptoMize is a market leading enterprise solution for diabetic eye screening. With an in-built automated pathway and specifically designed imaging tools, OptoMize minimises administration, reduces costs and enhances productivity. Tailored to meet your local needs, OptoMize is adaptable and configurable designed by clinicians for clinicians.

  • SurveySparrow Inc.

    SurveySparrow Inc.

    SurveySparrow is an end-to-end experience management platform that bundles Customer Experience and Employee Experience tools such as NPS, Offline, Chat, Classic, and 360° Surveys which are mobile-first, highly engaging, and user-friendly. The conversational UI lets your surveys deliver a chat-like experience and increases survey completion rates by 40%.


    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS CONNECT SaaS comprises POLE (Person, Object, Location and Events data) Services with core module packages which provide the following functionality: Investigation and Intelligence and Custody and Case Preparation with optional modules for Mobile, Partner Platform, Public Engagement, Property Management, Digital Asset Management, Missing Persons and Digital Evidence.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Educational Benefits

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Allows citizens to make an on-line claim for free school meals and/or clothing grants. The public web site allows a citizen, or someone on their behalf, to answer questions to determine eligibility to free school meals and/or clothing grants.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Discretionary Housing Payment

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Allows citizens in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit to make an on-line claim for Discretionary Housing Payment. The public web site allows a citizen, or someone on their behalf, to answer questions to determine eligibility to Discretionary Housing Payments.

  • NPS Revenues and Benefits

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Revenues and Benefits is a web service, on a relational person and property database, ensuring core information is held once and shared across all relevant records. It is open for integration, with integral workflow management. It is configurable and accommodates large/small administrations and shared services.

  • NPS ASSURE Environment Suite

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS ASSURE Environment Suite SaaS is a highly configurable person and property database comprising a suite of application modules which are legislatively compliant for Planning/Development Control, Building Control, Local Land Charges, Environmental Health, Licensing, Trading Standards, Waste/Cleansing Management, Private Sector Housing and Grounds Maintenance.

  • NPS Duty Management Solution - SaaS

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS Duty Management provides a complete tailored solution to the growing complexities of Human Resource Management. The solution designed to aid the planning of resources, improve efficiency and reduce risk through incorporation of configuration to manage legislative compliance and employee welfare.

  • NPS Enforcement - Public Access Solution

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    The NPS Public Access Solution (PAS) is an efficient self-service internet solution, available 24x7, that enables members of the public to safely and securely view information relating to their Traffic Offence and that has been processed by the National PentiP Solution.

  • NPS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme S4H Version 2

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    NPS NHSP v2 provides Screening Managers with a fully integrated, pathway compliant management, operational and reporting toolkit to simplify the delivery of the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme.

  • NPS Information@Work Enterprise EDM

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Information@Work Enterprise EDM is a HTML 5 web-based Document Management System (EDM) from Northgate Public Services (NPS). It delivers a document management service, provided as a pre-built, single, repository for all information, records and images whilst retaining the ability for administrators to configure to meet local needs.

  • NPS Local Welfare Provision SaaS

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Enables authorities to create and process applications for Local Welfare Provision (LWP) administration and fulfilment under the legislative regime. Flexible framework of services for an Authority to administer the fund, maintaining management control throughout the process. The NPS Local Welfare Provision SaaS can be branded to reflect the Authority's identity.

  • NPS Blue Badge Case Management System SaaS

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    As the most experienced provider of Blue Badge systems and services, NPS has developed a new Case Management System that will administer all aspects of the blue badge process along with providing all necessary integration with the national service.

  • NPS Enforcement - Mobile Traffic Offence Report (TOR)

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    The Mobile TOR solution from NPS enables Police Officers to issue traffic offence reports via a mobile device. The solution is part of the end-to-end enforcement process delivering improved processing time, improved data quality, better efficiency and supporting the HMCTS Trust Statement.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Landlords

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Allows landlords to access relevant information about their tenants' benefit claims and detailed information about benefit payments made directly to them. They can also view letters sent to them and upload details of changes in rent.

  • NPS Citizen Access - Benefits

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Allows citizens to make an online claim for housing benefit and/or council tax reduction as well as report a change of circumstances that may affect their entitlement.

  • Customer and employee survey and satisfaction tool (Enterprise Feedback Management)


    FRED: Feedback. Respond. Evaluate. Drive engagement. Organisations are increasingly seeking to connect with customers and engage with employees to measure satisfaction. With FRED you can create tailored, branched and multi-question two-way SMS based campaigns to increase response rates. Responses are saved and can be reported on for insight and action.

  • NICE inContact CXone Cloud Contact Centre Quality Management

    Business Systems (UK) Ltd

    NICE inContact CXone Contact Centre Quality Management enable operations to improve the customer experience, agent experience, and internal processes. With 30 years' worth of experience, Business Systems are the UK's leading provider in Call Recording & Quality Monitoring solutions and offer consultancy, implementation and support.

  • Intelligent web forms

    Synthetix Limited

    AI powered web forms that utilise web self-service and live chat. reduces email contact by allowing customers to self-serve or offer relevant escalation options. Ensures first time resolution by collecting all pertinent information before submission.

  • NPS Cloud Mailroom

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    A complete mailroom service for both physical and electronic documents, both incoming and outgoing. Client Post is delivered to our centre where it is converted to a digital image and then transferred electronically to the relevant client environment. Service can include document storage and destruction.

  • NPS Evidence Manager

    Northgate Public Services UK Limited

    Evidence Manager is a comprehensive Digital Evidence Management Solution that stores digital material in a secure cloud environment. It can manage a wide variety of evidence formats including PDF, audio, video and images for police and HMPPS. Evidence Manager includes powerful and sophisticated bundling and case preparation tools.

  • User Research to support transition to cloud services

    Required Experience Ltd

    User research provides deep, insightful understanding of, and empathy for, the user: the person they are, the tasks they need to do, the frustrations they have with existing products and services, and their ideas for how a service could best be migrated to the Cloud.

  • Qualtrics

    Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

    Capventis partners with leading insight platform provider Qualtrics, which specialises in Customer Experience, Market Research and Employee Insight modules. It is a web based survey tool which allows users to collect data online to assess customer satisfaction, undertake market research, conduct employee evaluation and provide channels for customer website feedback.