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Cloud Strategy Advisory


Specialist support provided to the planning stage of mobility and remote access cloud projects, and annual tech refresh or information assurance renewals. This service supports Nine23 solutions or provides an impartial advisory to ongoing projects and programmes.

Application Hosting - Secure App Store


App Store with secure private hosting area OFFICIAL SENSITIVE - Secret, for application servers that need to be accessible to government networks and internet-side users alike. Includes performance management and usage statistics, alongside backup and resiliency options, that scale to security and end user volume requirements.

Mobile Threat Defence (MTD) - App Vetting Service


Provides real time mobile threat detection on phones, tablets and other mobile devices, as well as the networks they are on, and analyses apps for malicious activity pre-release and during use. Multiplatform protection and analysis tool for unified endpoint management.

PSN - Secure Government Gateway - Secure Hosting PSN


A PSN gateway service up to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE providing secure connection to PSN government networks from any device or service. PSN Mobile, tablet and laptop devices, or hosted applications and services, can connect with government services and networks, such as PSN, PNN and N3, over standard internet connections.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) - DACS


Learning management and hosting system enabling front line training of OFFICIAL (inc SENSITIVE) material. Content can be in standard multi-media formats or as individual executables providing training apps within the VLE. Can connect with existing HR systems and LMS, via internet or government network connections.

Cloud Deployment Services


Setup and configuration of cloud, remote access and mobility solutions. Secure Voice calls, secure video, secure Messaging. These may encompass boundary configuration, filtering software and gateways, MDM software setup, or compliance in line with NCSC guidelines.

Mobility Advisory Services


Support to organisations undergoing digital transfromation and transitioning to mobile working or updating existing mobility deployments. Experienced mobility engineers provide deployment and configuration advice of EMM systems deployed locally, as SaaS, or hosted in secure datacentres.

Secure EMM Platform - FLEX


A managed enterprise mobility management platform accreditable(NCSC/GPG) to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE secret ready to onboard mobile, tablet, and laptop devices from any operating system including iOS, Android, and Windows. Encompassing the entire management and audit requirements from MDM, App Store, Content Management, secure endpoint hosting, to performance and SIEM reporting tools.

Mobile Device Management - Enterprise Mobility Management - FLEX


Mobile device management hosting multiple EMM technologies providing endpoint management platform. Deployed on-prem, from public cloud, or secure private cloud, and managed as a service for you to administer devices from a single console, or have the service fully managed for you. Secure remote mobile working - secure voice calls.

EMM Configuration Services


MDM software, including Airwatch/MobileIron, setup and configuration to NCSC guidelines by certified AirWatch/MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Experts / VMWare Mobility Management Technical Solution Professionals, and VMWare Certified Professionals.

Enterprise Mobility Management - Airwatch / Workspace ONE / MobileIron


Mobility management provided as a service using VMWare/Airwatch/MobileIron MDM software. Deployed on-prem, from VMWare/Airwatch/MobileIron cloud, or your own private cloud, and managed as a service for you to administer devices from a single console, or have the service fully managed for you. App Store and PSN remote working

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - DUO


Provide additional authentication to confirm user identification before allowing access to applications and services. Can be provided through tokens or mobile device integration to allow seamless user experience. Integrate with other cloud services, as part of enterprise apps, or add to unified endpoint management solutions.

Secure Hosting Private Cloud - Official Sensitive - Secret - PSN


Hosted secure private cloud - Official sensitive - secret in our secure UK hosting platform accessible to government networks and internet connected organisations using secure remote access solutions incorporating virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI) or virtual private networks (VPN). Includes performance management and usage statistics, alongside backup and resiliency options.

Cloud Information Assurance Advisory


Specialist advice for remote access and mobility cloud solutions to achieve accreditation at OFFICIAL, including SENSITIVE caveat. Undertaken by CCP IA Archtiect Lead with track record of accredited RMADS in government ministries.