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7 results found

7 results found containing metacompliance in Cloud software in the category Operations management

MetaCompliance Enterprise Cloud Portal

MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaCompliance Enterprise is your one stop shop to cyber security awareness, compliance and privacy obligations. It encompasses all of MetaCompliance's suite of products including MetaPhish, MetaEngage, MetaLearning, MetaPrivacy and Compliance.

MyCompliance Cloud Portal

MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaCompliance Cloud Portal is your one stop shop to cyber security awareness, compliance and policy obligations. It encompasses all of MetaCompliance's suite of products including MetaPhish, MetaEngage, MetaLearning and Compliance.

MyCompliance Advantage

MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaCompliance® Advantage is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) product that enables organisations to automate and manage the key tasks associated with user awareness and engagement for information assurance, including risk assessment, the measurement of organisation wide IT security posture and policy management.


MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaEngage is an automated solution that firstly engages staff with a graphically rich portal, but has the capability to increase the number of onscreen prompts and interactions which increases or enforces staff adoption of eLearning, policy or compliance.Therefore ensuring that staff participate in key compliance, privacy and cyber security projects.

MetaLearning Cyber Security & Compliance eLearning Library

MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaLearning: Best practice cyber security training, data protection and compliance elearning. The high quality security education library engages users with graphically rich experiences. Cyber awareness courses are 3 minutes or less and provide targeted learning on particular subjects, training users through small specific bursts. Subjects include GDPR, Phishing, Ransomware, CyberSecurity


MetaCompliance Ltd

A single platform where you can record your data processing activities, create your risk register, manage staff policies, train your users on GDPR with graphically engaging content, therefore demonstrating your overall compliance with GDPR. This is the perfect tool to use as part of the personal data gathering phase.


MetaCompliance Ltd

MetaPhish provides an awareness and training portal which allows the administrator to orchestrate simulated phishing and ransomware attacks to directly target their staff and management. Ultimately, this will increase employees' sensitivity to fraudulent emails and allows your organisation to outline the risks and the need for additional training.