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  • LoRaWAN


    aql create LoRaWAN networks for the internet of things (IoT), supporting low-power, long-range and low-cost communications. LoRaWAN helps extend battery life significantly, so devices can last for up to 10 years and can be used in conjunction with many types of sensor.

  • Cloud IoT Design and Development

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    Full stack design and development of Internet-of-things cloud development. IoT sensor development, data transport, ingest, analytics and dashboarding. IoT security design including cross-domain integration. Resilient systems with data labelling and provenance. Integration of IoT data networks (LoRA, SIGFOX, LoRAWAN). We develop Digital Twins to provide management and diagnostics of systems.

  • Integrated Resource Management Ltd

    The ISHelp Cloud/ICT based Internet of Things (IoT) Integrated Resource Management system provides public sector customers with the ability to track, monitor and manage assets and equipment via a secure web interface and mobile IOS/Android applications.

  • InTechSense IoT

    InTechnology Plc

    InTechSense enables organisations to easily adopt IoT based services and solutions with a view of collating generated data for analysis and interpretation to allow informed decisions to be made and improve operational efficiency. Off the shelf solutions include LPWAN & LoRaWAN infrastructure, air-quality, social-housing, waste-management, asset-tracking etc.

  • Internet of Things

    Capita Business Services Limited

    Capita offers an Enterprise IoT platform that manages an entire IoT network from devices through to applications. IoT applications visualise and analyse data generated by IoT sensors by use case, entity, division or department, providing meaningful deep insight into assets and service operations to enable data informed decisions.

  • Smart City Services

    Urban Foresight Limited

    Urban Foresight was established in 2011 as the world’s first dedicated smart city consultancy. Our expertise in place-based innovation builds on a deep understanding of the challenges facing public sector services and the opportunities to embrace cloud-based technologies to deliver transformational social, economic and environmental outcomes.