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Software Testing

Kiktronik Limited

Kiktronik Limited has a team of highly skilled and qualified testers to perform all your testing requirements. From software functional testing, performance and penetration testing all done remotely or onsite.

Liferay Portal Development Hosting and Support

Kiktronik Limited

Kiktronik Limited provides high available disaster readiness Liferay portal instances in the cloud. Our liferay services covers everything from: custom development, theme design and development, Liferay screens, functional testing, penetration and performance testing. We migrate your current environment to a cloud architecture which is cost effective and resilient.

Homelessness - Housing Need

Kiktronik Limited

Our homelessness online application provides users with the facility to apply for housing support online in case of homelessness threat. The application empowers users by providing all information which an officer would; should they visit their local authority’s office. The application uses the latest technology.

Single View of Debt Management System

Kiktronik Limited

Manage all your users debt across the organisation from a single system. Import feed from all your system such as Civica, Northgate, Sundry. Create tailored debt plans for your users.

Real-time Web Benefits Calculator

Kiktronik Limited

A real-time benefits calculator helps citizens understand what benefits they are entitled to. Organisations which are looking to empower their citizens by accessing their services directly without going through customer service operator to provide a fast and detailed calculation of their benefits including tax credit and housing benefits.

Single View of Customer

Kiktronik Limited

Create a single view of your customer from all different systems without moving your data. Have a holistic view of your customer interactions with your organisation. Our single view of customer applications removes duplicated records and learns to identify patterns automatically.

vTigerCRM SugarCRM Cloud Hosting and Development

Kiktronik Limited

Our cloud hosted CRM applications helps companies to manage customers relationships. We have both vTiger CRM and SugarCRM hosted on our secured scalalble cloud infrastructure.

Waste Management - Missed Bin Collection

Kiktronik Limited

Our missed bin collection platform allows users to check their collection date, view the status of their street collection and report a non-collection based on custom workflow. Our platform integrates with third-party applications such as Northgate, CRM and Bartec Collective just to name a few. User dashboard with real-time information.