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Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - API Management

Fujitsu Services Limited

Cloud Service K5 APIM enables digital business acceleration through a unified platform. K5 APIM simplifies Buyers’ management of the entire digital value chain through the availability of API Gateway Services, API Developer Services, and API Analytics Services.

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - PF

Fujitsu Services Limited

Cloud Service K5 PF is a JAVA application platform capable of helping customers to modernise legacy assets and transform them into maintainable and robust systems

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - System Factory Service

Fujitsu Services Limited

Cloud Service K5 System Factory Service enables the design, deploy, test, distribute, operate, maintain of systems running in the K5 IaaS platform. Complex multi-tiered workload packages of systems consisting of servers, operating systems, network configurations, applications and rules for monitoring settings, auto-scaling options and load balancing options.

Hybrid IT Managed Services

Fujitsu Services Limited

This service provides single management of your IT infrastructure across multiple platforms (Microsoft Azure, AWS, K5, private-cloud and datacentre environments). A platform-agnostic solution delivers an end-to-end service. The service enables customers to switch platforms exploiting opportunities for cost-savings. The service scales to from small to enterprise estates with business-aligned KPI's.

Fujitsu K5 Secret and Top Secret Private Cloud Hosting

Fujitsu Services Limited

Fujitsu's K5 Secret and Top Secret Cloud is a variant of Fujitsu's K5 service drawing on Fujitsu's Global experience. It provides a managed IaaS and PaaS private cloud hosting solution that available at Government Security Classifications of OFFICIAL (IL3), SECRET (IL5) (including NATO and MISSION) and TOP SECRET (IL6).

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - Cloud Foundry

Fujitsu Services Limited

Cloud Service K5 Cloud Foundry is an open source cloud platform as a service (PaaS) on which developers can build, deploy, run and scale applications on public and private cloud models.

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - IoT Platform

Fujitsu Services Limited

The K5 IoT Platform is a dedicated IoT cloud service for sending, receiving, storing and collecting data from the enormous number of sensors and devices required when using the Internet of Things. It enables efficient data collection through real-time decision-making, action taking and data distribution functionality.

Fujitsu K5 Cloud Service - Iaas/PaaS

Fujitsu Services Limited

FUJITSU’s K5 IaaS offering provides enterprise grade virtual server, storage, and networking capabilities. The infrastructure is highly available with redundant paths to the compute, storage and network elements. Fujitsu will manage the capacity of the platform, enabling Buyers to initiate new workloads and applications on demand.

Cloud Financial Management SaaS (Fujitsu Cloud Service PICCO)

Fujitsu Services Limited

PICCO, a Cloud Financial Management solution, allows control of cloud costs, ensuring budget owners are accountable for usage through it's cost allocation engine. PICCO empowers financial owners to analyse their cloud options and predict their costs. Financially manage your cloud resources, including AWS, Azure, Fujitsu's K5/S5, Google and more.