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Iron Mountain® Iron Cloud™ Disaster Recovery Service

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Iron Mountain® Iron Cloud™ Disaster Recovery Service is a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution to protect mission critical data and applications from disaster. Achieve scalable and flexible protection with guaranteed reliability to recover data quickly and efficiently with minimum impact to your organisation.

Iron Mountain Policy Center Solution

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Iron Mountain® Policy Centre solution is a retention and privacy policy platform that centralises governance of your information management policies. Supported by defensible research and advisory services our flexible solution helps you comply with existing and new regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Iron Mountain® SARs/FOI Solution powered by Hyland™

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Iron Mountains SARs/FOI case management solution for public sector organisations manages the receipt of SARs and FOI requests, and streamlines the management of response documents and communications. The solution provides administrators with dashboard visibility throughout the entire process, including redaction and review, ensuring deadlines are met and regulatory compliance.

Iron Mountain® Digital Records Centre powered by Hyland™

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

The Iron Mountain Digital Record Centre is a single enterprise platform for managing content, processes, case management, business process management, records management and capture on a single database, code base and content repository. It is a low-code, rapid application development platform, allowing the creation content-enabled solutions across your entire enterprise.

End of Life Asset Management for Cloud conversion

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Iron Mountain offers end of life IT asset management services to businesses requiring managed disposal and secure transportation. Alongside managed logistics, deployment, migration and decommissioning services Iron Mountain provides fully compliant on & off-site data wiping, mobile shredding, degaussing, disposal and recycling of all media in a cradle-to-grave in-house solution.

Information Governance Strategy Services

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Iron Mountain Professional Services helps organisations improve information governance in the cloud through assessment of processes and policy, defining operating models, design and implement of policy (including retention and record classification). Our experience covers the whole of the Public Sector.

Digital Solutions Professional Services

Iron Mountain (UK) PLC

Provision of DS Business Consultants trained in working with our customers to aid with the design and support of digitisation business strategy and cloud solutions. Methods to uncover and map existing processes to make your data work for you and your organisation in the most efficient and flexible way.