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  • Bramble Hub InPhase – Dashboarding

    Bramble Hub Limited

    InPhase Dashboarding provides everything you need for business users to deliver engaging, fun and responsive dashboards. Bring together data from across the business into easy to understand visualisations and web portals. InPhase is a zero code, drag and drop environment

  • Bramble Hub InPhase – Project and Programme Management Software

    Bramble Hub Limited

    Most organisations today are undertaking literally hundreds of projects, with ever decreasing resources. The InPhase approach will help you work out which projects will succeed, which will fail, predict what’s going to happen to your projects at each life cycle stage and take action... fast

  • Bramble Hub InPhase – Supplier and Contract Management software

    Bramble Hub Limited

    InPhase enables you to work either in collaboration with suppliers to achieve joint outcomes, or as a standalone tool for internal analysis, reminders and prompts. You can bring this together with contracts, choosing to define common Supplier and Contract framework(s) that will apply to many, if not all your suppliers