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  • MuleSoft Training (UK Public Sector)


    Infomentum, a certified MuleSoft Training Partner offers bespoke sessions and instructor led training courses. We`ll start by understanding the goals for enablement, type of training you're looking for, skills of internal teams, specific or bespoke needs. We can also make recommendations around the training path your teams should take.

  • MuleSoft API-led Connectivity Consultation and Implementation Service (UK Public sector)


    Infomentum’s offering includes the delivery using Catalyst Approach, Center for Enablement (C4E) set up, as well as Training (fundamentals through to architecture). Consulting teams will also work with customers to define their integration strategy and create a roadmap based on their existing IT landscape and their vision for the future.

  • MuleSoft POV Kick-start Integration Kit (UK Public Sector)


    The Kick-start Integration Kit is a process-based solution based on Infomentum's unique Integration Framework. It's the safest and most cost-efficient way to validate the MuleSoft API-led integration platform for a challenging business process, create a solid foundation with reusable assets for future projects and demonstrate business value in 90 days.

  • Application Support and Maintenance (UK Public Sector)


    This service provisions and maintains your Oracle and MuleSoft workloads, whether they are on premise or on the cloud. It does not matter if the implementations were done by third parties or in-house. We will look into your implementations and documentation and provide support and on-going enhancements.

  • Cloud Migration Services and Strategy (UK Public Sector)


    With vast experience in AWS, Oracle Cloud and UKCloud providers, we are perfectly placed to assist and advise, whether your migration path involves a re-host (Lift and Shift), re-platform or re-architecture. Respecting the importance of your system, we aim to migrate your workloads with minimum disruption using DevOps and orchestration.

  • Managed Cloud Services for UKCloud, Oracle, and AWS Cloud


    This service provisions and maintains your cloud platform on Amazon AWS, UKCloud and/or Oracle Cloud. From cloud transformation strategy, to systems and applications migration, to integration with back-office, we provide all services. One managed service desk for multiple cloud solutions.

  • Process Mining: discover, monitor, and improve your processes (UK Public Sector)


    Process mining offers objective, fact-based insights, derived from actual event logs, that help you audit, analyze, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions. Process Mining makes it possible to compare the actual execution of processes with pre-established or automatically recreated models.

  • DevOps Strategy and Implementation (UK Public Sector)


    With this service, we will develop and implement a DevOps strategy. This includes the following: - Configuration Management - Continuous Integration - Monitoring and Logging Automation - Orchestrations - Training, Documentation and catalogue - Continuous Delivery

  • Automation and RPA (UK Public Sector)


    This services focuses on automating your business. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be a game changer for the business in terms of reducing costs, increasing compliance and uplifting employee morale. We use process mining to establish best ROI for front end or back-end automation.