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  • Electronic Referrals Service

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Incorporating integrated workflows this provides a centralised, intuitive, secure IG compliant platform on which all referrals can be digitised, automated, accessed, transferred and managed from a web browser on all devices. Rules and workflows for completing and receiving forms are fully automated. information is captured, stored and made available securely.

  • eDocs/Document/Form Viewer

    IGspectrum Ltd

    A complete solution to NHS paperless objectives. All documents, including those containing patient information which are not suitable for storing in your PAS or EPR can be managed here. We offer collection, scanning, storage, destruction but uniquely all the documents are available to be viewed by this service.

  • Cardiology eForms Platform

    IGspectrum Ltd

    This provides comprehensive recording and support in these areas: Cardiac Counselling; Therapies; Cardiac Rehabilitation; Cardiology Community Service; Cardiometabolic / Lipid Clinic; Heart Failure Assessment Clinic; Rapid Access Chest Pain Clinic; MDT Valvular Heart Disease Outputs to National registries are provided to assess CV epidemiology, diagnostic/therapeutic processes, and adherence to guidelines.

  • eForms Platform

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Incorporating integrated workflow management this provides a centralised, intuitive platform on which forms can be digitised, automated, accessed and managed using any web browser on all devices. Rules and workflows for completing and submitting forms are automated and information is captured, stored securely and made available to all requiring access.

  • Pseudonymisation Service

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Enables data extraction and sharing of patient confidential data (PCD) pseudo-anonymised or anonymised at source which meet the requirements for compliant, safe, ethical and secure sharing of data enabling information to be shared legally. A supporting product, IGautopseudo, is installed on user’s own servers and automatically pseudonymises files containing PCD.

  • Subject Access Requests Service

    IGspectrum Ltd

    Facilitates access to Medical and Care Records as a result of a Subject Access Request (SAR) under Freedom of Information (FOI) via an IG compliant secure web site link. The portal can also be used by clinicians and referrers who require access to records but cannot access main hospital systems.

  • Document Encryption

    IGspectrum Ltd

    The data encryption process which meets the AES 256 standard supports the complete anonymisation of all content in documents and files shared across and beyond. Encrypted information may be reconstituted once the receiving party has been authorised and provided with a decryption code.

  • Data Sharing Agreement Portal

    IGspectrum Ltd

    A unique portal that provides a single cloud-based repository holding all reference documents relating to IG and information sharing. Records and evidence can be shared on PIAs and Risk Assessments and sign-offs by both Caldicott Guardians and DPOs. Automatic alerts when agreements are expiring and full support to multi-agency/partner agreements.