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8 results found

MailKeeper - compliance standard email archive and anonymisation platform

FusionExperience Ltd

MailKeeper™ is a high level compliance grade e-mail archive and manipulation service for MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Googlemail and other SMTP/IMAP mail systems, with data privacy pseudonymisation and anonymisation algorithms, plus platform migration capabilities. Complies with EU GDPR commitments, can be used for preparing court disclosure documentation.

BoxedComply - Enterprise Compliance & Processes Management System with Content

FusionExperience Ltd

Primarily for specialists working within a specific organisation; a Compliance and Security Management System (CMS) is how an organisation 'Trusts' its policies are improving; that customers or stakeholders are experiencing what they should; learns from compliance experiences; ensures employees understand their responsibilities; aligns business processes with policies and corrective actions.

Napier - AI Entity Screening for Compliance and Know-Your-Customer

FusionExperience Ltd

Napier enables organisations to screen their customers, suppliers, partners and payments against 3rd party or in-house watchlists with substantially fewer false positives than traditional solutions. Rules-based with a high speed, scalable solution for large volumes while remaining extremely configurable, with dedicated workflow to enable users to process case results efficiently.

CommunityComply - (SME) Compliance Management Service with Content

FusionExperience Ltd

Primarily for specialists working with many smaller organisations; a Compliance Management System (CMS) is how they can 'Trust' their policies are improving; regulators are confident of good practice, customers are experiencing what they should; employees understand their responsibilities; processes align with policies, and assures corrective action happen.

Proton Mail High Security email over Internet to equivalent Secret status

FusionExperience Ltd

ProtonMail is a cloud-based secure email service using end-to-end encryption to seamlessly protect emails within and outside of an organisation. It can send and receive emails publicly even if the device is itself insecure. Located at a former NATO data centre and ISP to assure operations with integral VPN networking.

Proton VPN private international network for moving data, remote access and cloud integration.

FusionExperience Ltd

Proton VPN provides for the rapid set up of high security UK and international networks, using a unique design hardened against operational compromise. Using Proton AG's own infrastructure and ISP status, with over twenty international access points, Proton VPN provides equivalent Secret protection for bulk-data transfer or remote access.

GRC-One Governance Risk and Controls (Professional and Academic Versions)

FusionExperience Ltd

The GRC-ONE Integrated Governance, Risk Management and Compliance solution provides a simple approach to risk management. We use a simple methodology to identify the risks you have then link them to the controls you use to reduce them to an acceptable level and a full assessment capability is available.

Decision Lens Resource Allocation, Budgeting, Stakeholder Resolution and Decision Support Service

FusionExperience Ltd

Decision Lens is a complete service for gathering stakeholder views then identifying alternatives, then prioritising and analysing resource combinations, for best value or outcome; while reacting dynamically to changing data, external factors and stakeholder preference. Additionally, it provides an audit record of the major spends made at the time.