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Linked Data Training

Epimorphics Ltd

Epimorphics offers a range of training courses to support the design and publishing of data on the web as linked-data. These courses complement our Linked Data Publishing Platform (LDPP) and Reference Data Management Platform (RDMP). These courses suit organisations developing or enhancing their data strategies and growing internal expertise.

Linked Data Publishing

Epimorphics Ltd

Epimorphics provides comprehensive support services to complement our Linked Data Publishing Platform and Reference Data Management Platform offerings. This includes targeted consultancy, data modelling, software design and development services to support organisations exploring, designing and publishing linked-data. Our service provides dedicated help in planning, setup, migration, testing and ongoing support.

Linked Data Publishing Platform (LDPP)

Epimorphics Ltd

Our main data-sharing platform is a resilient, scalable and cloud-based solution for publishing data. It hosts data for a wide range of our public and private sector clients, is available as a fully hosted and managed enterprise solution, or elements can be installed locally on your own infrastructure. Examples:

Reference Data Management Platform (RDMP)

Epimorphics Ltd

Reference data management service: manage a hierarchy of reference terms, delegating authority to different groups and version control in an open way that helps you build trust. Used for publishing connective reference data with persistent URIs that supports key data infrastructure, internal and external services, data integration and standards activities.