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  • e2e Managed VM Service

    e2e-assure Ltd

    A range of services, purchased as a service with minimum terms from one month. These are fully managed VM services including Operating Systems patching and monitoring. This is cloud independent. We will provide this service to VMs running on customer private, hybrid, public clouds or any other similar cloud service.

  • e2e Secure Cloud Web Hosting

    e2e-assure Ltd

    A security and web server focused cloud service that provides built in security services designed to keep your essential web services running, secure and resilient to cyber-attacks. Can be provided in our cloud services or as an addition to any other Cloud Service.

  • e2e Managed Customer Cloud Infrastructure Service

    e2e-assure Ltd

    A range of Cloud infrastructure managed services where the customer buys or already owns the infrastructure but requires a service provider to manage it. These are fully managed cloud infrastructures including all network, security and virtualisation components.