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  • Cloud Cyber Security, Data Protection, Data Privacy & Data Ethics

    Chaucer Consulting

    Strategic and risk-based approach to cyber controls and techniques. Helps navigate Technical, Operational, Cultural, Information and Regulatory Cyber landscape. Covers: data security, ransomware, Cyber, IT risk assessment data protection and data ethics control frameworks.

  • Cyber security transformation

    Kaze Digital & Data Limited

    Kaze works with you to design, mobilise and implement your organisation wide cyber transformation strategy.

  • Cyber Strategy Support

    i3Secure Limited

    Our cyber strategy support service is a critical solution for organisations who want to implement a winning cyber strategy. Our team have significant experience in helping organisations design, embed and refine their cyber strategy. Our proven approach ensures the cyber strategy aligns to and enables wider organisational objectives.

  • Cyber Support & Technical Remediation Cyber Security Services and Cloud Security Architecture

    Layer 7 IT Security

    Highly skilled expertise in agile security architecture design and cyber assurance of Cloud and on-premise solutions to NCSC standards. Demonstrable experience in secure development, design and assurance of Digitally Secure Cloud Services (DSCS) , Cyber Support to improve cyber health and reduce cyber risk from malware and ransomware.

  • Cyber Security Strategy

    i3Secure Limited

    Our Cyber security strategy service is a practical and cost-effective solution for organisations to implement a winning cyber security strategy. Our team have significant experience in helping organisations design, embed and refine their cyber security strategy. Our proven approach ensures the cyber strategy aligns to and enables wider organisational objectives.

  • Cyber Security Transition & Optimisation

    Wavestone Advisors UK Limited

    Our Cyber Security Transformation & Optimisation service ensures that Cyber Security change programmes are delivered effectively, robustly and efficiently. We support the selection and implementation of security tooling to provide a resilient platform. We drive behaviours in the organisation from user awareness programmes, Programme/Project Management and implementation of DevSecOps.

  • Cyber Security


    Cambridge Management Consulting recognises that persistent threats and ubiquitous connectivity present an unprecedented cyber risk landscape. We help leaders understand cyber risk in the context of their strategy, identify and fill gaps with industry-tested best practices and track the performance of cybersecurity initiatives and investments.

  • Cyber Vulnerability Investigation

    Actica Consulting

    Actica provides expert resources to enable clients to plan for and undertake Cyber Vulnerability Investigations (CVI) - the Defence ‘gold standard’ in socio-technical analysis of cyber threats - on cloud-dependent systems or platforms in order to understand cyber vulnerabilities as a suitable basis for designing mitigations.

  • Cyber Transformation

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    By focussing on our client’s business and operational needs, Cyber Transformation enables growth in today’s digital world by improving organisations’ cyber security systems, processes and people in a joined-up way. Cyber Transformation improves your business growth, efficiency and creates opportunities through technology far beyond just managing and mitigating risks.

  • Cyber Incident Management Services

    Barclay Simpson Solutions Limited

    Barclay Simpson Solutions' Cyber Incident Management Service provides advice and guidance to clients on what options are available around security incident management, including whether to create and build in-house capabilities, outsource incident response and protective monitoring arrangements, or a blended approach. BSS provides a comprehensive security incident management strategy.

  • Cyber risk management and analysis

    Kaze Digital & Data Limited

    Kaze works with you to understand cyber threats, the risk to your business and how to respond to cyber threats throughout your organisation.

  • Digital Security for Cloud Adoption

    UBDS IT Consulting Ltd

    Technology landscapes have changed across all aspects of technology services, especially in the use of Cloud services for operations and application delivery. UBDS helps organisations implement a robust cyber security framework and single security operating model to provide clarity and efficiency for people outside, as well as inside, security teams.

  • Website & Digital Consultancy

    JBi Digital

    JBi is a web design, development and digital marketing agency all rolled into one. We can help you ask the right questions to build the best digital strategies for the future. Expertise in a variety of technologies and platforms: Drupal, Magento, WordPress, AngularJS, plus digital strategy and cloud hosting management.

  • Cyber Incident Management

    Hex Security Limited

    The Hex Cyber Incident Management Service provisions advice and guidance to Customers on what security incident management options are available to them including whether to generate in-house capabilities, outsource incident response and protective monitoring arrangements, or a more hybrid approach. The service develops and documents a security incident management strategy.

  • Cyber Security Architecture Service

    Digital Transformation Network Ltd

    We help build and design security architectures that manage threats and risks using proportionate security control. We help organisations assess their security domains, remediate cyber threats, detect and apply preventative measures to threats by applying knowledge of disaster and threat recovery.

  • Cloud cyber security advisory

    Kaze Digital & Data Limited

    Kaze works with you to design, plan and execute cyber security strategies that assure and enhance the value of adopting cloud based services.

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence and Monitoring Services

    Hyper Talent Solutions Ltd

    HTS provides vulnerability management,security monitoring/threat intelligence response services to cloud based capabilities. Threat Match platform from Security provides timely,continuous,actionable cyber threat intelligence.We integrate threat data across people,process and technology to provide security teams with context-rich intelligence to proactively detect and manage cyber threats and respond more effectively to cyber incidents.

  • Cyber Security Consultancy and Critical Incident Response

    Cysiam Limited

    CYSIAM provides independent, professional and discreet consultancy and incident response services to enable clients to effectively secure their operations and cloud services and recover quickly and effectively from cyber incidents. Roadmap provision, impartial advice, support and guidance, cyber security

  • Cyber Security Education and Training

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    PA Consulting, through our leading provider of cyber security training, 7Safe, offer technical hands-on certifications, awareness training and development programmes covering ethical hacking, digital forensics, incident response, secure coding, and information security. We help organisations develop the cyber security capability and culture required to operate securely in today’s cloud-enabled environment.

  • Cyber Security and Information Assurance

    LA International Computer Consultants Limited

    Cyber Security and Information Assurance (IA) professionals are central to LA International’s business, providing advice and support. LA International’s Cyber Security and Information Assurance service includes: Cloud Security Architecture, Cyber Security, Information Assurance Strategy, Policy Development, Risk Management RMADS, Risk Assessments, Security Design, Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics and Incident Management.

  • Cyber Security Consultancy Services


    We provide a range of services that focus on Cyber Security disciplines relating to Cloud and Digital migration programmes, these being: - Security Architecture as a Service - Security Test Management Services - Audit, Risk and Compliance - Security based DevOps and Application Security

  • Cyber Security Consultancy

    Digi2al Limited

    Cyber security consultancy for (Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Live). Design, implementation and management of security strategy, architecture and policy. Including cloud hosting, network connectivity and end user devices, for accredited and cross domain problem sets. Integration with cyber security risk management software (e.g. VSAT).

  • Cyber Consulting as a Service

    SecureCloud+ Limited

    Cyber Consultancy as a Service helps organisations assess their security posture focussing on confidentiality, integraty and availability across security and technical architectures. To adapt to the evolving threat landscape the service assesses security posture, big data and IoT in providing dynamic and risk based cyber operarting models.

  • Digital Twins

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    A Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical system that enables better decision making. We have combined PA’s capabilities across science, engineering, analytics, cloud engineering, operational improvements and cyber security to deploy secure digital twins to support critical business decision making at several private and public sector organisations.

  • Data Protection and Cyber-risk Service


    Trilateral Research provides data protection and cyber-security services to support public sector, education and healthcare organisations to navigate regulatory frameworks and improve compliance. Our Data Protection Officer, IT Security, DPO Assist and cloud transformation services provide practical, evidence-based recommendations to assist organisations to meet information governance, digital transformation, cloud-migration obligations.

  • Cyber-threat Modelling

    Digi2al Limited

    Understanding cyber-threats and how to appropriately respond is a key component of any organisation’s digital capability. Digi2al treats cyber awareness as a digital transformation project, identifying and understanding vulnerabilities in technology and processes. The complexities of technical solutions and tools is managed by Digi2al, ensuring the optimum solution for clients.

  • Cyber Security & Privacy Consultancy


    Cyber security and privacy consultancy for designing, migrating, operating or re-aligning digital and enterprise technologies and services, including holistic transformation. All delivered in line with the Technology Code of Practice, Digital Service Standard, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines and standards.

  • Cyber Security Transformation


    Cyber security transformation consultancy, advice and guidance to positively disrupt and influence organisations at all levels to affect risk-balanced, cost-effective and proportional security change through seismic organisational shifts while remaining aligned (or to re-align) to the Technology Code of Practice, Digital Service, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) guidelines and standards.

  • DXC Technology Cyber Maturity review

    EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

    DXC's Cyber Maturity Review consultant-led workshops, reviews, and GAP analysis to determine the client’s current cyber-security capability maturity, and their business need for cyber-security risk management, in order to build a strategic roadmap that will maximise the value of balancing cyber security risk against cost of controls.

  • Cloud & Cyber Security Consultancy

    BJM Group Ltd

    Providing Technical Specialists & Services delivering 360 Solutions helping buyers design ,build, & maintain Cloud Security. Providing Accredited & Security Cleared Security Consultants & Services for Function Design & Build, Security Architecture, SOC, Penetration Testing, Cloud Services Managed Support, Cyber Security Training, Product Evaluation & Technology Risk & Crisis Management.