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  • Atlassian Migrations

    Catapult CX Limited

    Atlassian products improve productivity, but having different teams working on separate instances of Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket makes it difficult for people to collaborate. Catapult can consolidate your instances and licences. We use our proprietary migration tool to help automate the process and make it faster and more reliable.

  • Software Engineering as a Service

    Catapult CX Limited

    Provides organisations with expert software engineering leadership and DevSecOps teams to transform your software engineering capabilities. Create your own software engineering function by having Catapult not only guide your team but also providing technical assistance as part of the team, leaving you with a self sufficient highly effective engineering capability.

  • Agile Coaching

    Catapult CX Limited

    Catapult's Agile coaching and transformation service enables organisations to realise improved time to market and improve customer experience. As practitioners we have implemented various frameworks and have proven strategies for handling adoption challenges, in small organisations and at scale. We also coach the C-suite with a specialised 1 day bootcamp.

  • Rapid Service Recovery

    Catapult CX Limited

    In the event of a major incident we provide IT Crisis Management, taking control and limiting further damage. We provide rapid support and decision making, running a war room to mitigate damage, data loss and restoring service to customers rapidly. We provide deep technical expertise to lead the way.

  • Secure Continuous Delivery Pipeline

    Catapult CX Limited

    In the fast-paced world of modern business, you need to get your products to market as quickly as possible. Traditional delivery methods often lack the speed and reliability to make this a reality. Continuous delivery changes that by automating the delivery process, speeding up time-to-market and improving your customer experience.

  • Atlassian Support Hub

    Catapult CX Limited

    When adopting new ways-of-working, internal teams often lack the time and experience to manage Atlassian tools like Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo and Statuspage. Our Support Hub solves this by giving you the help you need for both the underlying technologies and the processes and practices they enable.

  • Digital IT Operating Model

    Catapult CX Limited

    We partner with you to design your target digital operating model, reducing time to market and improving the quality of products. Aligning IT with business units to deliver great customer outcomes, using lean principles, DevOps and agile best practices and innovative cloud solutions.

  • Atlassian Consulting

    Catapult CX Limited

    Our accredited Atlassian consultants have extensive practical experience in Agile, DevOps and ITSM and work with you to deliver best practice solutions (Jira, Confluence, Service Desk, Bitbucket, Bamboo). Our consultants implement, upgrade, integrate, migrate, customise and undertake health checks ensuring you get the absolute best value from your investment.