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CRM/CX - Oracle CX Cloud Suite copy

Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis is an Oracle Partner for Oracle CX Cloud Suite, a cloud based suite covering the core functions of Marketing, Sales, Commerce, and Service, Capventis have expertise and experience to implement rapid agile solutions and to provide expert services around all of this solution.


Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis are helping customers to improve their customer services with Zendesk Platform. The Zendesk platform is highly scalable and offers the flexibility and integration capabilities that will serve the most complex and demanding customer care issues.

Digital Transformation and Implementation Services

Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis specialise in digital transformation by recognising that the best solution is not just about one technology over another, but what fits and aligns to the real needs of the organisation. Using our extensive experience and knowledge, we can shape successful digital transformation journey strategies for organisations large and small.

Business Intelligence (BI) - QlikView & Qlik Sense

Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis partners with leading Business Intelligence (BI) provider Qlik, delivering intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting. We specialise in delivering innovative solutions in multiple scenarios using QlikView, Qlik Sense, Qlik Nprinting and Geo-Analytics for organisations of all sizes and varying complexity.


Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis partners with leading insight platform provider Qualtrics, which specialises in Customer Experience, Market Research and Employee Insight modules. It is a web based survey tool which allows users to collect data online to assess customer satisfaction, undertake market research, conduct employee evaluation and provide channels for customer website feedback.

Business Intelligence (BI) - Alteryx

Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis is a digital solutions reseller/partner with leading self-service data analytics firm Alteryx. Alteryx provides users with the ability to easily prep, blend, and analyse data using a repeatable workflow, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in matter of hours, compared to traditional methods.

Experience Management, Analytics and Business Improvement

Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

Capventis IM2PROVE methodology takes people through the journey of improving any experience, process, component of the business. IM2PROVE focuses on mapping and measurement to gain the insight. It then turns that insight into a prioritised list of actions and solution designs for people to agree and decision makers to approve.