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BrightCloud - Cloud Enablement

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Introducing cloud technology or new ways of working isn’t easy. It requires professional planning and people who have been through it before. We’ll work with you to find ways to move your organisation towards the cloud, ensuring that you are more successful and ready for the future.

BrightCloud - Citrix Cloud Migration

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

This service provides design, planning and migration implementation for anyone looking to move from on-premises deployment of Citrix to utilising Citrix Cloud. Citrix resource locations can include Azure, AWS or BrightCloud Flexible Hosting Infrastructure (FHI) oe WorkSpace as a Service from BrightCloud.

BrightCloud - Cloud Readiness Assessment

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

If you are planning a cloud migration, Office 365, Azure, AWS or other private or public cloud this assessment takes a look at the way the applications behave and lets you know that the migration is likely to be successful and avoid the pitfalls

BrightCloud - Client Virtualisation Implementation

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Low level design and delivery of client virtualisation solution, project planning, implementation and handover. Cloud delivered, Hybrid Cloud, on premises or WorkSpace as a Service. Migration of client environment and client applications to Cloud model.

BrightCloud - Web and Cloud Security

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Symantec Web Security Service is a cloud-based, secure web gateway service integrating web/cloud access control with advanced threat protection. Cloud Access Security allows companies to confidently use cloud apps and stay safe, secure and compliant. CASB provides visibility, data security, threat protection for sanctioned and shadow SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

BrightCloud - Client Virtualisation Feasibility Study

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

A review of desktop estate and client applications to assess feasibility and ROI of virtualising clients and client applications. Includes appraisal of technology options, VDI high level design and costs. Comparison normally includes Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon with options to deliver from Cloud or on premises.

BrightCloud - Cloud Troubleshooting and Optimisation

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Delivering applications to your organisation from a cloud provider means that users may experience variable levels of performance. Our Troubleshooting and Optimisation Service investigates and diagnoses the performance issues you are experiencing by looking at end-to-end network management and application performance. We are then able to resolve most performance issues.

BrightCloud - Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Manage your cloud access performance from the Wi-Fi network by implementing Mojo Cloud or 7SIGNAL. Mojo Cloud and 7SIGNAL deliver simplicity, reliability, security, scalability and extensibility without compromising on the advanced features; industry’s first cognitive Wi-Fi solution.

BrightCloud - Office 365 Enablement and Support

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Enables and Supports users and O365 tenant instances including mail, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Sites, OneDrive, Teams, Office online, Yammer and OneNote. Priced by the user, tenant service and device per month; this service is ideal to support you and your users productivity and efficiency through use pf these tools.

BrightCloud - Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Performance Management

BrightCloud Technologies Limited

Wi-Fi performance management that allows you to continuously monitor and proactively manage end-user Wi-Fi experience. 7SIGNAL and Mojo Networks reduce the total cost of ownership of operating wireless LANs by providing visibility into the Wi-Fi experience. Problem resolution in remote locations enables IT to meet global Wi-Fi performance SLAs.