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11 results found

11 results found containing beyond systems limited in Cloud software in the category Accounting and finance

Beyond Cloud Applications

Beyond Systems Limited

The “Beyond Cloud Applications” is a suite of products that have been developed primarily to support and enhance any implementation of an Oracle ERP Cloud.

Beyond Auto Sync Oracle Forecasts and Budgets

Beyond Systems Limited

The Beyond “Auto Sync Oracle Forecasts and Budgets” product automates the process of extracting and loading forecasts and budgets from the Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud into Oracle E-Business.

Beyond Cloud E-Business Archive Application Service

Beyond Systems Limited

The Beyond “Cloud E-Business Archive Application” is a product designed for any organisation that is moving from Oracle E-Business on to another ERP platform but still has a requirement to retain and query their old data for several years.

W.D.M. Limited Pavement Management System (WDM PMS)


WDMPMS is a comprehensive system providing much more than just the Tranche3 UKPMS requirement. Three levels of product are available: a managed map-based browser service for publishing UKPMS datasets; the UKPMS compliant system or the full WDM PMS containing many more tools beyond the UKPMS requirement.

Dynamic Purchasing Systems


Proactis Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) functionality provides a fully electronic tendering system that extends beyond the limits of traditional static framework contracts. In establishing a DPS, suppliers can join at any time with subsequently accepted providers able to quickly and efficiently respond to the business needs of your buying organisation.

Gaiasoft's Beyond Overload; from too much information to actionable insight

Gaiasoft International Limited

Using G-Cloud Services to reduce information overload and improve effectiveness. Workshops and services enhance ability to access, assimilate, synthesise, and apply evidence and knowledge. Designing document templates for people and algorithms to use in evidence-based decision-making. Addresses accelerated-learning, online-speed reading, information design, instructional design, and data visualisation.

Mazetime Plus

Mazepoint Limited

The enhanced version of Mazepoint's timesheet and project portfolio management application, Mazetime, maintaining all the features of the core system while automating more processes and workflow, supplier and customer reporting, contract management and generally increasing the granularity of detail. See the Mazetime Service Definition for information about the core product.

Password Compliance as a Service

CyberWhite Limited

The Authlogics solution improves password security making it easier for users to access information whilst ensuring passwords are NIST SP800-63 compliant. Authlogics also provides Multi-Factor Authentication technologies with 100% offline functionality. Authlogics can also transition you away from passwords to remove the problem entirely, further increasing your security posture.

GARNET8 Collaboration Clouds

GARNET8 Limited

An agile, continuously evolving Source System of Record solution, empowering you to build on business value. It provides a collaborative, automated, governed, secure data solution for Multi-Cloud environments. It's an alternative to the layer of cost found within ESB/iPaaS and silos, isolated and disjointed work-flows Spreadsheets create.

Episerver DXC Commerce Implementation

twentysix Limited

twentysix has significant expertise implementing Episerver Commerce sites rapidly and to a very high standard; beyond basic commerce implementation we have delivered numerous powerful controls that push Episerver to the limit of what's achievable. twentysix is an Episerver Premium Partner and has the largest Episerver development team in the UK.

Finworks ETL & Data Integration System

Fincore Limited

Replace traditional ETL with smart data discovery and orchestrated, automated, data transformation, validation and redistribution. Extract, intelligently cleanse, integrate, transform and load data of any size and complexity in the data centre(s) of your choice. Secure, economic and high performance. Reduce lifetime costs; increase flexibility, transparency and auditability