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  • Astun Data Services

    Astun Technology Ltd

    ADS helps you save time, money & resources in your management and use of Ordnance Survey PSMA data including OS MasterMap and VectorMap Local. ADS provides a cost effective and resource free alternative to translating, storing, updating and serving base mapping data to internal and public users.

  • QGIS in the Cloud

    Astun Technology Ltd

    QGIS in the Cloud provides users with web based access to a fully managed pre-configured Desktop GIS that includes Ordnance Survey background mapping, address searching, direct access to a corporate Spatial Data Warehouse, print templates, processing services and more as standard.

  • Get INSPIREd

    Astun Technology Ltd

    Get INSPIREd is a cloud-based metadata publishing service for organisations wishing to share metadata on public portals like with no requirement to implement or manage technology locally. It provides a UK Gemini 2.3 and INSPIRE-compliant discovery service (OGC CSW v2.0.2). Associated OGC WMS (View) and WFS (Download) also available.

  • Enterprise Metadata for iShare

    Astun Technology Ltd

    Get INSPIREd and Enterprise Metadata for iShare is an INSPIRE compliant service for Metadata Discovery, View and Download Services. It enables iShare users to meet their INSPIRE Phase 1 publishing and delivery obligations and their need for Enterprise Metadata within their organisations without having to implement any additional technology locally.

  • Enterprise Metadata

    Astun Technology Ltd

    Get INSPIREd Enterprise is a cloud based metadata service that provides both internal metadata maintenance and discovery services with a workflow for quality approval and subsequent publication of a subset of records to or another standards compliant portal.

  • iShare in the Cloud

    Astun Technology Ltd

    iShare in the Cloud is a cloud hosted and managed Enterprise GIS that frees users from the costs and complexity of managing Geographic Information infrastructure (software, servers, networks, bandwidth) allowing GI managers and analysts to focus on delivering Geographic Intelligence to staff and stakeholders.