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  • Spend Management and Control Analytics / Applications (incl. PD, Procurement Dashboard)

    AdviseInc Ltd

    Our spend analytics solutions quickly convert many raw data sources, including your raw finance and purchasing information, into actionable insight. Using our applications you’ll have full transparency of every pound spent. You’ll understand spend patterns, identify savings opportunities and report on governance and policy initiatives, such as grip and control.

  • Sourcing Analytics / Applications (incl. PB, Price Benchmarking)

    AdviseInc Ltd

    Our benchmarking applications compare the prices you've paid for goods with our database of over 245 health providers from the UK and beyond, providing you with actionable insight that enables work-planning, product switching, savings realisation and Advanced Analytics.

  • StockWatch - PPE Orders, Deliveries, Stock Tracking & Forecasting

    AdviseInc Ltd

    Struggling to manage PPE through Excel, but don't want a full Inventory Management service? StockWatch was created to track and Forecast PPE during the early days of Covid-19. Used across 200 Public Service Organisation, including 70 NHS trusts