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10 results found

10 results found containing adam in Cloud software in the category Information and communications technology (ICT)

Supplier Management

Adam HTT Limited

Effective management of provider markets is fundamental to public sector bodies wishing to maximise results within their commissioning activity. adam’s innovative SRM can be used to manage social care, healthcare, education and transport markets, SRM can revolutionise how public sector bodies maximise results.

Transport Commissioning Solution

Adam HTT Limited

End to end commissioning solution for the procurement of transport services; SEN, home to school, ad-hoc childrens and adults. Facilitates alternative contracting methods such as Dynamic Purchasing Systems. Managing the full commissioning process, from market engagement, supplier compliance, competitive tendering, contracting, invoicing and payments, through to provider quality management

Housing Management Solution

Adam HTT Limited

A bespoke digital platform designed with input from LA's and housing suppliers providing an efficient tool for a LA, or group of LA's to identify, book, and manage properties from an approved supply base. Platform supports end-to-end process including provider registration, commissioning, payments, contract management, compliance management and reporting.

Category Development System

Adam HTT Limited

Digital platform – managing the full commissioning process, from provider compliance, brokerage and payments. Complaint with any contract type (e.g. Framework / DPS), enables a more efficient and auditable process. Procurement of social care, health or transport services enabling you to procure from providers based on quality and price.

Digital CHC end to end Solution

Adam HTT Limited

Suite of digital products supporting CCGs & CSUs in managing their individual patient activity (IPA) / Continuing Healthcare (CHC) activity. Products support CCGs in managing; referrals (CHC, Fast Track, S117 etc.), assessements, brokerage of placements, case management, Personal Health Budgets, invoicing and payment; provider contract and quality management.

CHC Case Management, Referrals and Assessments

Adam HTT Limited

Case Management System supporting the entire patient journey: from referral, assessment, eligibility decision, through to care planning and brokerage, 3m and 12m reviews, to payment and reporting. Supporting Continuing Healthcare (CHC), Joint-Funded packages, S117, Childrens CC, FNC.


Adam HTT Limited

Two-way portal, digitizing the health and care brokerage process for procurement of services. Template driven requirement process to fully personalize service need based defining essential and non-essential elements. Direct provider input. Fully customizable with automatic offer review, provider ranking, contract award. Full audit and real-time reporting / MI.

Direct Payment Service (AVA)

Adam HTT Limited

Public facing website supporting Direct Payment recipients and self-funders service users online through their care journey. Online assessments, advise, guidance and bespoke personalised commissioning from a range of providers. Feedback on supplier performance and outcomes. Enables citizens to make informed decisions. Supporting Self-Funders, Direct Payments and Personal Health Budgets.

Supplier Sourcing

Adam HTT Limited

Supplier sourcing portal to engage, onboard and enrol fully complaint provider base, based on locally defined measures. Transactional website engages potential providers and gives visibility over requirements, through to registration and online application to join supply chain. Document capture, external reference (Experian / CQC) and system rules to automate assessment.

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Adam HTT Limited

End to end commissioning solution for the procurement of services. Facilitates alternative contracting methods such as Dynamic Purchasing Systems. Managing the full commissioning process, from market engagement, supplier compliance, brokerage, contracting, invoicing and payments, through to provider quality management. Fully compliant procurement suitable for all contracting methods.