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  • Whitespace Environmental and Grounds Maintenance

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Environmental is a job management solution to meet service management requirements (integrating with CRM). It improves team’s efficiency, the responsiveness to your customers and reduces administration time. Whitespace Environmental includes: • Street cleansing • Fly-tipping • Graffiti • Abandoned vehicles • Enforcement notices • Inspections and more service areas

  • Whitespace Commercial

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Commercial is a waste management system supporting all aspects of commercial operations such as quotes, contracts and associated finances in and out of the offices. A powerful auditing tool allows in-depth reporting on your commercial operations effortlessly, providing an overview of financial data and identifying growth opportunities.

  • Whitespace Municipal

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Municipal is a waste management collection system. It provides all the features needed to manage municipal waste collections from simple tasks to demanding work-flow processes and integrations. It facilitates routes and rounds management for domestic, chargeable services and commercial waste and can integrate with most CRM systems.

  • Whitespace Analytics

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Analytics allows you to search, consolidate and analyse your waste and environmental data. Analytics can be used with the back office systems giving in depth, cross-system reporting supported by visual aids such as graphs, heat maps etc. This tool provides business intelligence to facilitate better informed business decisions.

  • Whitespace Waste Disposal

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Disposal was carefully designed and developed with Council Waste Officers making the solution intuitive and very easy to use. The solution is fully web-based and designed to allow access from the County, Contractors and Districts via a role based access system

  • Whitespace Mobile Enterprise

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Mobile Enterprise is a mobile work management solution designed specifically for Public Sector, Local Authority, Large Service and Software providers offering best in class mobile technology, for work management across your entire organisation/ client base. It allows you to build engaging digital forms that transfer data between your teams.

  • Whitespace In Cab and Mobile Working

    Whitespace Work software

    Whitespace Mobile In-cab connects field teams in real-time with business centre staff. Crews use in-cab devices providing live data from completed work, sending feedback and images, and receiving next jobs/ additional tasks. It can be integrated into most CRM systems through our open API, providing consistently accurate data .