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  • ReSpark - The Green Residential Parking App

    The Virtual Forge

    ReSpark helps local authorities manage their resident parking permits to incentivise green vehicle choices. It creates a unique price for a parking permit based on; C02 and N0x emissions, vehicle age, size, fuel type and weight. Dynamic pricing makes cleaner vehicles cheaper and dirty vehicles more expensive to park.

  • Splunk IoT Predictive Maintenance and Analytics

    The Virtual Forge

    Splunk monitors and analyses machine data from any source to enable visualisation of the performance of your business from event data. It offers a versatile solution delivering real-time, end-to-end operational visibility into critical IoT to enable predictive maintenance and analytics.

  • Mobility Analytics and Electric Vehicle Suitability - CleanCar

    The Virtual Forge

    CleanCar takes the guesswork out of switching to electric vehicles. We use a smartphone app to record around 14 days of driving to prove the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle. The system is perfect for businesses, employees or local authority residents.

  • Green Residential Parking Pricing

    The Virtual Forge

    This service allows local authorities to incentivise green vehicle adoption through variable parking permit prices. Our algorithms create a unique per-vehicle permit price based on attributes that matter most to each council, such as C02 and N0x emissions, vehicle age, size, fuel type and weight. This rewards greener vehicle choices.