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  • IRIS Intelligence Asset Management Software

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    IRIS Asset Management Software (AMS) provides organizations with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform to effectively manage equipment and inventory. Assets can be tracked from procurement to sunset across categories and business units. IRIS-AMS is fully customisable to fit your organisational needs in managing your assets throughout their life cycles.

  • IRIS Intelligence Legal and Regulatory Remediation Software

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    IRIS Legal & Regulatory Remediation Software provides a simple roadmap through the complexity of regulatory compliance. IRIS-LRR will help you assess the current state of regulatory compliance, understand gaps then plan and track the program of activity to successfully achieve the requirements on frameworks including GDPR, CCPA, ISO27000, NIST SP800-53,

  • IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    IRIS Intelligence Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) System helps organisations manage uncertainty, achieve targets and increase awareness and compliance across the organisation. It facilitates the design and implementation of control frameworks, risk mitigation, and the creation and roll-out of policies. The system supports ISO27000, ISO31000, NIST among others.

  • IRIS Intelligence Business Continuity Planning Software

    IRIS Intelligence Ltd.

    The IRIS Business Continuity Planning Software provides your business with all the tools necessary to plan and implement your business continuity protocols, and assess effectiveness after any disruption. Our software facilitates increased risk identification, enables consistent risk assessment processes across teams, and tracks business continuity plans development and deployment.