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  • Pathway

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    Solution for the selection, placement, certification and training of the professional workforce, ensuring that professionals are assigned to roles that are appropriate to their skills, experience and qualifications. Using 'self-service', Pathway manages the recruitment, validation, tracking and matching of individuals to roles and the on-going certification of the professional workforce.

  • Pathway Assessments

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    Pathway Assessments is a solution for full online management of assessment days, including setting up simple and complex assessment frameworks, completion of scoring, and applying powerful and flexible weighting rules to individual stations or scores. It uses highly configurable and flexible components including form builder, scheduler and dynamic data grids.

  • Arena

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    Market-leading compliance management system enabling multi-site/multi-asset organisations to manage essential business practices, inter-company communications and reporting processes, ensuring compliance with established regulations. Currently used by over 200,000 users in 8,000+ sites worldwide, Arena is a modular solution providing business with a powerful tool that helps reduce business risk.

  • Accent Leave Manager

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    Accent Leave Management helps administer leave requests for organisations with complex approval processes. Using a 'self-service’ model, applicants can submit leave requests online, which are then processed through a chain of approvers as defined by their role. Applicants and approvers can track and manage requests with in-built notifications and alerts.

  • Accent

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    HR management, training and education system supporting the multi-professional workforce. Accent is a comprehensive suite of fully-integrated facilities enabling the HR team to manage every aspect of the workforce; from setting up establishments, managing recruitment and rotations within programmes, to the on-going monitoring and assessment of career performance.

  • Accent Course Manager

    Hicom Technology Ltd

    Accent Course Manager provides facilities for course organisers to develop and publish courses and events online, with candidates able to search and book courses that meet their specific needs and track and maintain a log of their training activities