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Consultancy in support of Ctrl O products

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The standard pricing of Ctrl O's SaaS products is inclusive of the services required by most customers. However, occasionally additional support or consultancy may be required, such as training or project lifestyle management, which this product provides. Consultancy for cloud services based on open source software is also available.

Linkspace (private cloud)

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See the main Linkspace G-cloud entry for full service details. This entry is for Linkspace hosted in your organisation's own private cloud. Answers to hosting questions are based on Ctrl O's own infrastructure, but will vary depending on your hosting environment.


Ctrl O

Linkspace enables departments to manage data around their particular business processes, without investing in bespoke software. It can be deployed instantly, customised by teams, and is accessible from anywhere. Linkspace evolves as needs change. Designed for security, it has highly granular access control and meets the most stringent security requirements.

Facilities Management Software (Lenio)

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Facilities Management Software (Lenio) provides simple and easy to use facilities management. Its primary use is the management of mandatory service items, by using a simple calendar system that ensures that items are planned and completed correctly. It can also be used to track one-off items such as faults.

Group Email Hosting

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Group Email Hosting provides an easy way to manage the distribution of emails to large and small groups of people. Each group has one email address – simply send an email to that single email address and the email will be distributed to everyone in that group.