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Coplexia Consultancy: GDPR Audit & Readiness Services

Coplexia Collaborative

In today's hybrid landscape for data storage & management, Coplexia GDPR Audit & Readiness Services identifies non-compliance, runs risk assessments, and project manages the transformation of processes (aided with pre-prepared customisable policy and procedure templates) before helping embed these into new norms with staff training and change management.

Coplexia Cohort Connection Service with FREE Microsoft 365

Coplexia Collaborative

Coplexia Cloud services enables connected cohorts from autonomous organisations to work together as virtually one workforce. End-to-end, from strategic planning & solutions architecture to standardised SIAM, rapid rollout and implementation projects, we help CI/T/SOs from across collaboration-chains to securely connect to common collaborative-computing capabilities beyond their corporate firewall.

Coplexia Consulting: CoBRA Facilitated Roundtable Forums

Coplexia Collaborative

Collaborative-Business Readiness Assurance (CoBRA) programmes prepare people, platforms and processes for co-operational excellence across digitally connected collaboration-chains. CoBRA Roundtable Forums facilitate strategic and tactical discussions between senior executives and leadership teams to help shape shared visions of success and transformational roadmaps for the digitally connected collaborative age.

Coplexia Cloud: Accelerated Microsoft Office 365 adoption

Coplexia Collaborative

Accelerated Microsoft O365 adoption services provide a smooth transition to the cloud, as well as ensuring cohorts gain the benefits of new ways of working that relate to the functional needs of their specific job role to provide organisations with the highest possible returns on their investment.