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  • CACI InSite Everywhere - Geographical Information System [SW4]

    CACI UK Ltd

    InSite Everywhere is a Geographic Information System (GIS) – a secure cloud application brings a variety of licensed and imported datasets (e.g. postcode data), analysis, mapping and reporting seamlessly together. It enables users to define geographic areas and analyse associated data such as the population who live and work there.

  • CACI Synergy Costing Software [SW5]

    CACI UK Ltd

    Synergy is a costing software solution and PLICS. It enables users to load costs budget data in a general ledger format and reassign those costs across a user definable hierarchy using weighted allocations and/or specific allocations. This allows to better understand the costs of the services and/or products they provide.

  • CACI Inview Data Warehouse [SW6]

    CACI UK Ltd

    Inview is a cloud based data warehouse that provides a single, consolidated, coherent source of operational, management and performance management information. It has been designed to the data standards of the NHS through extensive user consultation, and is therefore aligned with the Health Informatics processes within the NHS.

  • CACI Cygnum Digital Workforce Management [SW10]

    CACI UK Ltd

    Cygnum is an innovative, intelligent digital solution that adapts to your changing needs. Delivering workforce management, case management and financial management in a single joined up solution, Cygnum helps to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Empower your organisation to work smarter, improve services, reduce risk and be ready for change.

  • CACI InSite Everywhere - Acorn and Paycheck [SW3]

    CACI UK Ltd

    InSite Everywhere is a Geographic Information System (GIS) – a secure cloud application that provides access to the following licensed datasets; Acorn, Household Acorn, Wellbeing Acorn, Paycheck & Paycheck Disposable Income. Augmented with this data, users can code and profile data to understand about customers, residents or the wider community.

  • CACI ChildView - Youth Justice Management Information System [SW1]

    CACI UK Ltd

    ChildView is a fully compliant Youth Justice database recording and reporting system. It provides practitioners working with young people case management functionality to make their jobs easier and share data efficiently across multi-agency services. The system supports, safeguards and provides a holistic view of monitoring and analysing information.