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Cloud IT Infrastructure and Network Programme, Project and PMO Management Service


CACI can provide project, programme and PMO management services for IT infrastructure, IT systems integration, IP, voice, wireless and security network projects to assist in the delivery of robust, scalable, secure enterprise and cloud service environments.

CACI Cloud Support Service


CACI's cloud support services provide 24x7 UK based support to complement a customer's cloud provider(s) and software vendor(s) capabilities.

Cloud IT Enterprise Architecture and System Integration Service


CACI provides enterprise architecture and system integration services specialising in identifying and delivering target architectures and operating models – ensuring cloud based solutions provide an optimum service for customer requirements. We have experience of a comprehensive range of integration technologies and of leveraging legacy solutions.

CACI Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Support Service


CACI's cloud support services provide 24x7 UK based support to complement a customer's cloud provider(s) and software vendor(s) capabilities. The service supports IaaS plus Operating System and Software Stack in any mix to suit each customer current and future cloud workloads.

Cloud and Virtualisation Architecture, Migration, Optimisation and Operations Service


CACI provides hybrid cloud-based solutions and services, involving; transformations from traditional on-premise deployments, cloud provider assessments, strategy and architecture, migration planning, security hardening, cost optimisation, best practices, configuration analysis, cloud readiness and operations. CACI uses an Agile, DevSecOps approach, considering all technical and business aspects, as-well-as risk analysis and mitigation.

BetterGov Education & Housing Cloud Services


Our specialist services include; Children's Education Management System (Servelec Synergy, EIS, Gateway, Parent and Provider Portal, CACI Impulse, Capita ONE, Liquidlogic EYES) and Housing (Northgate, Civica, Orchard, Capita) Implementations, Contracts and Procurement, Client-Side Integration & Interfaces, Integrated Portal and Gateway. We are ISO9001 Certified with Prince2 and MSP Qualified staff.

Cloud Infrastructure and Network Operations Service


CACI’s infrastructure operations service can provide 2nd, 3rd and 4th line support across a wide range of technologies and services. As CACI has a broad range of skills, its operational support practice can draw on a shared resource pool with extensive knowledge of network and application environments.

Cloud Cost Optimisation Service


CACI will utilise its cloud and virtualisation cost optimisation framework to enable customers to understand where their current approach diverges from best practice and where opportunities exist to improve economies and deliver value.

Cloud Network & Security Audit Service


CACI’s cloud security assessment and network audit service assesses the current cloud solution architecture and network estate vs. best industry standards and practices. This includes configuration hardening, security health check, IAM / PAM assessment of deployed cloud services - thereby ensuring services deployed are resilient, secure and compliant.

Technical Standards Enterprise System Maintenance and Support


Support of the Technical Standards Enterprise System components. Following development and deployment, CACI are in an optimal position to support TSES components such as the Collaborative Authoring and Review System (CARS) and the Departure Approval System (DAS) due to a thorough understanding of the design and codebase.

Automated Cloud Environment Deployment Platform


CACI's service provides a safe cloud agnostic environment which allows developers to securely create and host resources for potentially insecure projects. To support diverse and complex business requirements, the solution is both flexible and scalable. It incorporates an Application Programming Interface (API), service environment and load balancing.

Cloud Network & Security Architecture Service


CACI’s service provides network architecture and security assessment, design and planning to assist in the development and deployment of scalable, secure networks for enterprise and cloud services environments. This can incorporate translating requirements into IT deliverables, scoping, workshops, supplier assessment, High Level Designs (HLDs), threat / vulnerability and risk assessments.

Cloud Network and Security Design and Implementation Service


CACI’s service can provide network design, planning, and implementation services to assist in the development and deployment of robust, scalable, secure networks for enterprise and cloud services environments. This can include supplier assessment, high and low level designs, decommissioning, migrations and upgrades for IP, voice and security network projects.

Rapid Agile Prototyping and Proof of Concepts for Cloud Services

CACI Limited

Deep3 can help organisations explore the benefit of moving services to the cloud and de-risk delivery through agile prototypes and Proof of Concepts. We produce rapid prototypes across a wide range of cloud technologies. Following agile principles, we work collaboratively to help customers learn quickly at low cost.

Application Migration Service

CACI Limited

Deep3's Application Migration Service enables customers to benefit from reduced cost and risk as well as increased availability and resilience by migrating applications to the cloud in a secure and agile manner. The service has a secure-by-design focus and covers: Re-hosting; Application Transfer; Application Transformation; and Replacement.

Secure Cloud Consultancy

CACI Limited

Deep3 provide customers with experience-based consultancy on design, implementation, migration and running of secure cloud services. Our expertise enables customers to move services and workloads to the Cloud with confidence. We advise on the best way to leverage cloud technology to reduce running costs and minimise security and compliance risk.

AWS Secure Cloud Design and Development

CACI Limited

Deep3 provide customers with a secure-by-design approach ensuring their services run securely in the AWS Cloud. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge running applications securely on AWS, supporting customers across a broad range of AWS services, from VPC and IAM to EC2, ECS and EKS.

Cloud Testing Service

CACI Limited

At Deep3 we offer experienced ISTQB qualified Test Engineers who deliver a professional test service, which encompasses Test Strategy, Test Management, Non-Functional Testing, Test Automation and integration through CI/CD piplelines. Our team of expert testers have extensive experience, quality assuring and performance testing mission critical applications across the lifecycle.

Application Modernisation Service

CACI Limited

Deep3's Application Modernisation Service enables customers to benefit from reduced cost and risk as well as increased availability and resilience by modernising legacy capabilities to run securely in the cloud. The service has a secure-by-design focus and takes an agile and incremental approach to modernisation.

Containerisation Design, Development and Migration Service

CACI Limited

As early adopters of the Docker and Kubernetes ecosystem Deep3 have extensive experience designing and operating microservices at scale in a containerised environment. We help customers migrate applications and services to containers and improve the availability, reliability and supportability of their cloud based systems.

AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) Migration Service

CACI Limited

Rather than simply re-hosting and/or transferring applications to the cloud, migrating services and workloads to a cloud-hosted containerisation platform enables customers to benefit from lower running costs, greater resilience and improved scalability. Deep3 can help your organisation to migrate applications securely and smoothly to the AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS)

Cloud-based Safe Data Import Service

CACI Limited

This service enables organisations to safely import untrusted data onto their network(s), protecting against the threat of embedded malware in the data they process. Following an NCSC recognised service design pattern, we offer a highly scalable and secure cloud solution including transforming untrusted data to neutralise any malicious code.

AWS Secure UK-OFFICIAL Cloud Environments

CACI Limited

Deep3 design and implement AWS environments that meet NCSC’s Cloud Security Principles and are suitable for data classified at UK-OFFICIAL SENSITIVE. This includes development, test and operational environments hosting enterprise level applications. Our expert cloud engineers will work with you to deliver a solution that minimises security and compliance risk.

Serverless Design, Development and Migration Service

CACI Limited

Serverless architectures provide task-driven, cost-effective cloud solutions enabling customers to benefit from highly scalable services and low running costs. Deep3 provide a service to re-design your applications to run in serverless environments. We provide in-depth technical knowledge with a hands on approach obtained through extensive use of the Serverless Framework.

AWS EC2 Elastic Scaling Migration Service

CACI Limited

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps you maintain application availability and allows you to dynamically scale your Amazon EC2 capacity up or down automatically according to conditions you define. Deep3's service will help you migrate your existing applications, services and workloads to leverage the power of autoscaling.

Cloud Based Location and Geospatial Planning

Deloitte LLP

Deloitte offers Location and Geospatial Advisory services using our cloud-based Location Analytics platform, allowing you to combine your own data with inbuilt granular geo-coded UK-wide data on businesses, services, demographics, amenities and transport, to provide insight into your location based decision making, supported by integrated market-leading analytics and visualisation.