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  • Cloud IP Telephony, Unified Comms and Contact Centre

    Britannic Technologies

    Make your customer communications fast, simple and personal. Britannic's solutions enable you to create omnichannel & personalised experiences, collaborative customer service across single, multi-site and hybrid organisations and facilitates a range of complementary integrations that add even more value to your business. Each build is tailored to your business.

  • PCI Payment System - DTMF masking

    Britannic Technologies

    Cloud Firewall technology auto-mutes calls when rfc2833 compliant DTMF is detected to securely capture payment card details during a live call when speaking with an agent and de-scopes the telephony environment from PCI DSS for payments. This certified PCI DSS Level 1 solution enables call recording compliance and IVR integration.

  • BiziBOT – Intent based Chatbot

    Britannic Technologies

    BiziBOT is a multi-channel chatbot. BiziBOT can be there for your customers on any digital channel, from social media to messaging to your website. Working hard to automate actions such as answering FAQs, supporting your customer journey, taking payments, appointment scheduling and feeding data into all relevant back-end systems.

  • Webchat / click to call, co-browsing, video calling - WebRTC

    Britannic Technologies

    Web Real-Time Communications, enables peer-to-peer browser-based applications for voice, video, file sharing and chat (similar to Skype, without browser software plug-ins). WebCall is a cloud “Digital Collaboration” service improving citizen communication over digital platforms . WebCall can be integrated into existing telephony and contact centre platforms - supporting Omni-channel contact.

  • SIP Trunking Service - netX2

    Britannic Technologies

    SIP telephone routing service to support move from PSTN / ISDN network to next generation SIP / IP calling. Provides cost reduction from line consolidation and replacement of expensive legacy analogue and digital lines with dynamic call routing. Supports business continuity and increases service efficiency.

  • REWARDS - Holistic Multi-Channel MI and Gamification

    Britannic Technologies

    Take your contact centre to the next level with Holistic Multi-Channel MI and Gamification. REWARDS gamifies your employee experience; encouraging and rewarding specific behaviours. Host tournaments, collect data to map user performance against process automation, reward staff; points, money, bonuses. We'll abolish absenteeism, turbo-charge productivity and re-engage bored CC agents.

  • INBOX - Social Media Monitoring

    Britannic Technologies

    INBOX allows clients to connect and monitor to all their social channels and respond and route accordingly. It has advanced marketing and service functionality and allows integration into any contact centre solution or CRM system. Customer sentiment is also indicated.

  • INBOX - Digital Interactions Management

    Britannic Technologies

    INBOX enables highly efficient and effective handling of digital interactions (including email, WhatsApp, SMS, webchat, social media / direct messages and IoT sensor alerts). INBOX performs automated triage, reading, responding and routing interactions into into single or multiple queues. Automating the route to the correct agent or business orchestration rule

  • FORMS - Data Capture and Management

    Britannic Technologies

    FORMS allows your end users to build contextual forms and screens that help to digitise and automate processes internally, externally and simplify the process of data capture and data access. Forget manual inputting or flicking between multiple applications, it’s simple and quick for data to be collected, curated and updated.