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  • Fortinet - Software-Defined Edge and Infrastructure Security

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Leveraging Fortigate Virtual Machine (VM) technology to provide Software-Defined Wide-Area-Networking (SD-WAN) and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with security functionality, including; Unified Threat Management (UTM), Sandboxing, Email Security, Email Security, Machine Learning, Network Access Control (NAC), Authentication, Remote Access Services and Web Application Filtering (WAF).

  • Fortinet - Security Information Event Management & Automated Response

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Leveraging Fortinet’s FortiSIEM and FortiSOAR (formally Cybersponse), the Protective Monitoring and Automated Remediation solution offers users deep multi-vendor integration for configuration, change management, log collection & correlation, and Indicators of Compromise to detect and contextualise threats in real-time. Automated remediation through playbooks provides a seamless mitigation capability to security teams.

  • Fortinet - Email Protection for Exchange and Hosted Environments

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    VM or SaaS based, the FortiMail platform offers an security solution for on-premise and hosted email such as Office 365 and G-Suite. The standard solution offers Anti-Spam/Virus, Virus Outbreak Protection, DLP, Identity Based Encryption, and Archiving. The Advanced includes Sandbox, CDR, URL Click Protection and Business Email Compromise protection.

  • Fortinet - Zero-Trust Network Access Control and IoT Security

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Network Access Control (NAC) is a critical component in the modern-day network. NAC offers organisations the ability to deploy Zero-Trust Network Solutions, Secure SD-Branch Deployments and ensure IoT, BYOD and user devices are profiled, only allowed to access approved resources and periodically reviewed for compliance.

  • CyberArk Privilege Cloud

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Satisfy fundamental privileged access security requirements by utilizing CyberArk’s expertise to manage the underlying infrastructure. With CyberArk Privilege Cloud, organizations can empower security and IT operations to focus on high-level tasks critical to the organization’s security posture.

  • Fortinet - Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Leveraging FortiWeb VM, Container and SaaS based technologies to protect hosted web applications from attacks that target known and unknown exploits. Using AI-enhanced multi-layer and correlated detection methods, FortiWeb defends applications from known vulnerabilities and from zero-day threats, along with providing DDoS and Load-balancing capability for applications.

  • CyberArk Alero

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Alero is specifically designed to provide fast, easy and secure privileged access for remote vendors and users that need to access critical internal systems. The cloud-based, multifactor authentication provided with Alero leverages the biometric capabilities from smartphones which in turn allows authorized remote users just-in-time secure privileged access.

  • CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager SaaS

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager, hosted by CyberArk and delivered as SaaS, helps to remove the barriers to enforcing least privilege and allows organizations to block and contain attacks at the endpoint, reducing the risk of information being stolen or encrypted and held for ransom.

  • AWS and Azure Workload Migration

    Blue Cube Security Ltd

    Assisting our customers set up a secure AWS environment and migrate their workloads to this in planned and well executed manner using the skills of our Cynergy (Brand Name) delivery team.