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  • Nomidio IDC - Identity as a Service API from AWS Marketplace


    Nomidio Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is a federated, biometrically secure ID Authentication service for API's and DevOps environments. Available from AWS Marketplace on a subscription basis, Nomidio IDaaS easily integrates into your infrastructure, providing secure identification for citizens or employees, reducing the risk of data propagation and minimising fraud.

  • Atlassian Tools Hosting (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, HipChat)

    The Server Labs Ltd.

    Atlassian products such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket (formerly Stash), Bamboo and HipChat form the backbone of Devops. Thousands of teams choose Atlassian tools to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity. Clouds supported: AWS, Google Compute Engine, Azure, Atlassian Cloud, UKCloud

  • DevOps Hosted Platform


    BDQ provide a hosted DevOps platform based on the Atlassian Stack (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and JIRA Service Desk), alongside Zephyr, Sonatype and Dynatrace. We host this solution on virtual infrastructure provided by UKCloud, a provider which focuses purely on the UK public sector, or AWS.

  • Microsoft Teams and Cisco Reporting and Analytics - Clobba


    Clobba is an advanced reporting and analytics tool for UC (Unified Communications) platforms including Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business AWS Connect and Chime and Cisco

  • Nomidio IDC - Identity as a Service for Amazon Connect


    Nomidio IDC is a biometrically secure ID Authentication service for CIAM, IAM and DevOps environments. Nomidio is a Password Free, 'register once, use many' service allowing multiple organisations to leverage a single identity reducing propagation and risk. Particularly suited to Contact Centres and Amazon Connect.

  • Digital Analytics Services


    Datasumi enables marketing professionals better understand online customer behaviour. Our team helps you implement KPIs that ensure you meet the campaign and marketing objectives and objectives. We use Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, APIs and AWS & Azure Cloud platforms.

  • InSync Cloud Applications Backup

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    inSync provides backup and recovery for cloud applications. Utilising the AWS Cloud, to backup and protect O365, G-Suite, Salesforce and Slack. InSync also enables businesses to comply with requirements for GDPR with Legal Hold, Data Governance, search and ramsomware.

  • InSync Endpoint Backup

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    inSync provides backup and recovery for endpoint devices. Utilising the AWS Cloud, to backup and protect desktops, tablets, laptops and mobile devices. InSync also enables businesses to comply with requirements for GDPR with Legal Hold, Data Governance, search and ramsomware.

  • BMC Helix Chatbot - Premium

    Fusion Business Solutions

    BMC Helix Chatbot brings the cognitive enterprise to life with intelligent, omni-channel experiences that lets users find and request services through a conversational and personalised interface. Conversations are stored for 90 days with the purchase of the Premium Capacity offering. Fusion GBS is a Platinum Partner of BMC.

  • BMC Helix Cognitive Automation

    Fusion Business Solutions

    BMC Helix Cognitive Automation utilises artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning to auto-categorize service management tickets, significantly reducing errors and improving efficiency. These cloud capabilities radically improve service management experience. Fusion GBS is a Platinum Partner of BMC, reselling BMC Helix Cognitive Automation.

  • Contact Centre Omnichannel Communications Automation with AI


    Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform automates processes involving omnichannel incoming messages (email, fax, voice, text...) in real time and frees up Contact Centre staff, thereby: • reducing costs, • increasing operational control whilst managing and lowering associated risks, • improving management of SLAs, and • improving customer satisfaction.

  • Dubber Call Recording

    Redcentric Solutions Limited

    Dubber Call Recording service is built on a managed software based platform hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), integrated into Redcentric’s hosted IP telephony solution. This replaces the need for any Customer site based call recording equipmentt, the need to store call data on site and reduces upfront capital expenditure.

  • PropertyIQ - Lateral Technology Property & Housing Management System


    Lateral Technology's 'PropertyIQ' is a completely configurable product that manages financial information, documents, and communication with tenants. Property and tenant information can be tracked, direct debt information exported daily. The system has built-in task management and reminders, as well as the ability to send letters, emails and sms to tenants.

  • Zendesk Sunshine via Netpremacy

    Netpremacy Limited

    Zendesk Sunshine is an open and flexible CRM platform native to AWS. Connect all your customer data for complete context—wherever it lives—and give developers and admins the tools they need to build the best customer experiences. Netpremacy is an official Zendesk partner guaranteeing the best results for your Zendesk deployment.

  • DevOps - Automated Continuous Delivery Solution

    The Server Labs Ltd.

    The Server Labs Continuous Delivery Solution, a key tool in the road towards DevOps and achieving continuous delivery. It controls development through the entire software lifecycle. Features include: Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development, Quality Metrics and enforcement, Formal Versioning at all levels. Automated Build and Deployment, Release Management

  • Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Support


    Datasumi delivers Business Intelligence (BI) & Data Analytics (DA) services that promote information management, data exploration, data warehouse design, analytic forecasting, advanced analytics and data architecture design for cloud-based solutions. The service offers a flexible approach to utilising data that aligns with operational requirements, offering informed business decisions and forecasting.

  • XMA Bitglass SASE Total Cloud Security (CASB/SWG/ZTNA)

    XMA Limited

    As part of our Digital Workspace technology portfolio, XMA provides Bitglass which combines multi-mode cloud access security broker (CASB), SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway (SWG), and zero trust network access (ZTNA) technologies to form a best-in-class secure access service edge (SASE) offering.